Tatty Devine

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Another great site which i have found since i have started blogging. These rings are quirky and a real different style to all the gold and silver on the highstreet at the moment. I reckon they are slightly overpriced but they are too unique to miss out on.

They are from Tatty Devine and come in 3 colours. Oh and whats with the odd looking women wearing the ring on their website?

No doubt i will do a post tomorrow on all this snow we seem to have! I went for a lovely stroll with my friend today and took some nice photos. I also have the day off college tomorrow (due to snow) so will have plenty of time to post. May try and redo my blog layout a bit too. Hope everyone is keeping warm.

Winter inspiration

Sunday, 28 November 2010



All the above images are from weheartit.com. I think i am obsessed, ever since i found it through blogging i cant stop looking. Thought id share with you some of the ones that just remind me of winter. The snow and light, hot chocolate on a dark afternoon and curling up by the fire in the evening. It also has great holiday time to spend with the family and my amazing boyfriend. This will be our second christmas together and it makes it that bit more special. The final image i saw and recognised off jazzabelles diary- all down to her 'hobo jumper' - and it shows knitwear so well. I love layering chunky scarves and warm jumpers fro these cold months. I was just given another woollen jumper by my amazing grandad. Who knew he had such good taste!
On another note i had an interview for a bakery in town and i think it went well. Find out on wednesday if i get the job. Ill keep you updated if you follow me on twitter no doubt :) oh and another another note, i did take some outfit photos but the house computer is being repaired at the moment and thats the only place i can download the photos onto so they will have to wait for another day.

#Christmas Wishlist

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Clearly i still live at home with my family and my brother is only 11. At that age i definitely didnt want santa to stop coming! So every christmas we still do 'santa presents' from my mum and dad. I still dont want i to stop now honestly. It makes christmas morning so much more fun with large sacks of gifts. But my mum asks me to write a list of things she can buy for me because she doesnt want to get me useless things - so this is most of what i asked for:

First off is this Duck tee from topshop. I havent asked for it specifically but i often get vouchers for topshop or UO which can be out to a very good use. This top would just be so easy to wear with anything! And i mean the print is just adorable. 
Next are the two nail polishes. These merely represent that i need want nail polishes for christmas. Eyeko, topshop, models own, barry m, you name it. These two shades and so pretty and go really nicely together. Who else love the packaging on topshop make up?
Thirdly are the two rings. Again a bit like the nail polishes i am currently obsessed. These ones caught my eye on the ts website although i am also looking a a few from tatty devine and stray jewelry. Animals on rings are something i cant get enough of lately.
These straightners are a replacement. My trusty straightners which i must have had for about 5 years have packed in! At the moment i am having to borrow my sisters every morning so i have popped a new pair on my christmas list hope that santa will bring me them.
Finally is the casio watch from UO. I love it. Full stop. I definitely need a watch because trying to fond my phone everytime i need the time is a pain. This watch has a elasticated strap so will fit well and i think is just simply retro (probably misused that word there).

Congrats if you managed to read through all that. What are you hoping to get this christmas?

ticktock ticktock

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Is there anything more frustrating than not having enough time? This past week i have been really busy. And right now i should really get on with some work, but i cant see that happening. In the past week i have: started swimming, seen Harry Potter (more on this later), done volunteering, been to a vintage fair, been out for a meal and had 2 birthdays! That is a lot to fit in since just last friday! Oh and yeah, me and my boyfriend have been together for a year last monday :) I will get an outfit post done asap.
Harry Potter on monday was awsome. I couldnt really remember the book if im honest so i thought the film was great. Some bits were probably missed out but i cant blame them, its a bloody long book! The way each scene was done was pretty inspiring and i wish i could do something as creative as that. I have started to re-read the seventh book so i know how the seond half goes. I am on page 135 and only started today, probably another reason why im not getting my work done.


Image is from www.weheartit.com.

Embrace christmas

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Right now i am lusting over chunky knits. To be fair i think i have alot already but you can never have too many. Cause of this cold weather, which i doubt anyone can have missed, i have needed them all the time. But this one from topshop has just about everything in one jumper! Burgundy, christmas, knitted, chunky, warm, reindeer, jumper. How could you not just want it?! But seeing as i dont have £48 lying around it looks like i wont be getting that.
Instead i am going to check out the sale at Yayer from 9pm tomorrow evening! They are going to have loads of products reduced. Also im going to do an outfit post tomorrow if i have time. I have a few new things that i want to show all my lovely followers. Some jeans which my boyfriend bought me (youll know about them if you follow me on twitter) and a handknit cardigan which my mum bought me from a charity shop. She is too kind.

A bit of vintage

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Today i took a morning trip to a vintage fair. Never really been to anything like this before so i was really looking forward to it. There were several stalls in a hotel in town. It was quite dark inside hence the quality of the photos + the fact i had to ask to take photos cause no one else was, so whenever i took one everyone looked! They were some fabulous pieces and i could have bought so much. But right now i am a tiny budget what with xmas coming up and all. The fur coats were gorgeous, i nearly bought a flannel shirt, definitely inspired by all the jewelry and the cupcakes were delicious! The woman on the stall let me take some snaps which i am going to put up on their facebook page - here is their website though http://www.sweetsugarsixpence.co.uk. Take a look if you get chance because seriously i could have eaten 10 of them! The second two pictures are from Trilbies and Tassels who had some lovely things. I really wish i had more money and would definately have bought one of the necklaces.

Blouse - vintage - £10, Black topshop jeans - £40, Moss satchel - ebay - £18, Topshop coat - £75

I only bought one thing whilst i was there. A 1960s original AA bag. It is in a lovedly faded yellow/camel and has a strap to go over the shoulder. It was priced at £10 but i got it for £7 with a bit of bargaining. Cant wait to use it at college, it even fits my folder in! Hope everyone else had a good weekend.

your smile so loud, it still rings in my ears

Friday, 19 November 2010

Dads old jumper, All Saints top - £20, Knitted tights - Sainsburys - £5

I hope these pass ok as outfit posts. Just thought i'd show you what i wore to college today.
Is only simple - most of my outfits are these days. This is my dads old jumper which i rescued before it went to a charity shop. Its so cosy and warm for these cold winter days. Underneath i have a long top from All Saints. It actually has a print on which i covered by the jumper, i'll get a photo of it next time i wear it. My mum kindaly bought me several needed pairs of wolly tights which i am very grateful for. Although i am still lusting over primark 'super cosy' tights.

Thought i would also add in a quick image of how i was dressed yesterday. This oufit took me about 4 hours of hard graft! It was completely impractical for college but that didnt stop me.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments you leave me. They make my day, honest.


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I recently found this site on someone elses blog, cant remember whos so comment me if it was yours! It is called Yayer. Been looking at it for ages today, i love the way they style the pieces and how individual each piece is. I have chosen this vintage prancing pony dress as my favourite. Its adorable and cute in a deep red colour. The ruffles at the front are also great for a body shape like mine (aka flat).

Secondly - in my Graze box which came in the post today i got 'bear necessities' 'honeycomb flapjack' 'deli topped focaccia' and 'new england'. They all look lovely and getting it has absolutely made my day! I havent eaten any as of yet, saving them for tomorrow. To get your first box for free just enter R1MYRKN3 :)
Thirdly - i have finished my fancy dress ourfit for tomorrow. Will get a picture when i am wearing it. Second outfit post anyone? So yeah today has been okay. Really wish there was more time in a day though.

ps. thanks to any new followers and all the comments. they are so lovely! thinking of a xmas giveaway, any ideas?

The costume is my cover

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Okay, so i know its meant to be a pick of the week. But im still deciding. I need more time.
This evening has been taking up by the production of my fancy dress outfit for charity day at college on Thursday. I am being an Oxo Cube. This is completely impractical but i only have two lessons on Thursday so i reckon i'll be ok. I have had to saw up a very large box to an appropriate cube size, then but out a head hole and two are holes and finally cover it in tin foil! I am leaving the red oxo sign to do till tommorrow. Hopefully this will all be worth it although im not sure i want to stand out this much on charity day tbh.
Image from http://www.weheartit.com/.

Theres a first for everything

Monday, 15 November 2010

Old black vest, charity shop cardi (BHS) - £3.50, charity shop shorts - £3, charity shop belt - 50p, broken clock necklace - Portobello Market - £8, black tights - Tesco

This is my first ever outfit post. I know the pictures are over editted but i'm only learning. I'll get better as i do a few more i hope. Think i'm gonna aim for one or two a week but that might be a bit ambitious. I quite like this outfit. Although i was freezing outside! The cardigan is much paler IRL but you cant really go wrong with a camel coloured knit for this season. I wore it with my topshop coat, miss selfridge scarf and ugg boots. I'll get a photo of my coat another time.

Forever21 opened up its UK site today! Feels like i have been waiting an age for it. HERE.
And today made me very happy cause i got sent a dress from Freya :) will do a full post on it later in the week.

Demi Couture

Saturday, 13 November 2010

This is prompted by an email from Topshop, admittedly it was a while ago now. They were advertising a brand they sell called Demi Couture.

I had a browse on the website and they have some lovely things. The colour palette is perfect for this a/w and the range of textures they have i just want! This Crystal Velvet Tunic Dress is slightly overpriced but its velvet so i let it off. I currently love velvet as it adds a great change to most of the things i have in my wardrobe. A quick selection of my other favourites were 1, 2, 3, 4.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Eeeeee! I received my new ring from Vipxo yesterday and i love it. It was an absolute bargain at only £3.50. She makes scrabble rings and braclets and sells them from her blog which is a great idea. They have an adjustable ring so will fit any finger size which is incredibly useful seeing as most of the rings i have will only fit on one or two fingers! Totally reccomend buying one.

I wore this ring + the others when i went out for my boyfriends 17th. I took him for a surprise meal which i think he loved. I also embarassed him by telling the restaurant it was his birthday and have them play music and bring out cake - i swear he is going to get me back for that. It was a great night though.

C is for Cake

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

 01. Found 'Stray Jewellery' recently and they have some lovely things on there. I went for the ring cause i could not choose between the amazing choice of necklaces that they have. Their pricing is reasonable and the postage is free which is always a bonus. Animal rings, well rings in general, are an actual obsession of mine atm. So you know, feel free to send me things ;)

02. I bought some new shoes today. In fact i bought some heels. Now this may seem odd for a 16yr old girl but this is the first of heels that i have owned. I am already 5"7 so have never wanted to be any taller. But how can you resist these at just £30!

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures. The lighting is bad, and they are a little fuzzy.

03. Cake, as the title says. Its my boyfriends birthday in just 1 hour so i made him this cake last night. To be quite honest i am very proud of myself. I didnt make the actual cake section, thats just a swiss roll, but icing it and all the fiddly wings took a bit of doing! 5 hours to be precise. This is the end product. He better be grateful!

04. Bought Glamour magazine today, mainly for the free Nails inc nail varnish but ill read the mag too. I got Saville Row which is a dark purple with what seems to be a slight reddish tint. Its quite similar to Temptress by No7. Its lovely and smooth to apply and only needs one coat which is ggod since then it lasts for longer. Will probably end up buying anouther Glamour just for some of the other polishes.

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Monday, 8 November 2010


Feeling proud
Eating cakey bits
Drinking just water
Reading Timekeeper - Jeanette Winterson
Listening Two Door Cinema Club
Watching The Mentalist
Needing a cuddle from my boy
Obsessing over rings and nail polish
Can't wait for my boyfriends birthday!
Hating college work (dont we all)
Loving the build up to christmas

Post inspired by Paperheart.

Spread the word

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Saw this on Richelle's blog.

I never realised how much they change them from real life figures. Join the campaign and get real beauty - www.campaignforrealbeauty.ca.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

This couldnt wait as a pick of the week next tuesday cause i could do with a few opinions now.

This is the Plum Velvet Shift Dress from Miss Selfridge. I saw it when i was browsing in town, and i think i fell slightly in love with it. It is totally not what i would normally buy but something attracted me too it. I would really love a velvet piece in my wardrobe so thats one thing. It has a lace peter pan style collar - bonus. Plus it is a gorgeous deep purple wine colour, it is actually more purply irl. Its £45 and i would definately buy it if i had enough money (which i dont) but im thinking that maybe its justifyable if i have it as my xmas party dress? Then maybe i could get my mum to put in a bit for it :) but first what do people actually think of it?


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Just a quick post before i fall fast asleep. Bought this nail varnish whilst out shopping for presents. I know, xmas presents and its not even December yet! This is a new shade [mushroom] from Barry M and one ive been looking for for a while, Rimmel have never had quite the shade i want.

I took the idea of my nails from Gem's blog. I used Rimmel liquid eye liner to the black curve on the bottom of my nail. I gave in after the second nail on my right hand and got my mum to do it for me. Isnt she lovely. The line just wasnt smooth enough when i did it! It was clearly a family effort for my nails because then i got my brother to take the second photo for me. Really love having something other than the simple block colour on my nails. And its relatively easy to do if you have steady hands.
Right now all i want to do is buy ridiculous amounts of nail varnish and rings! I have lists and lists of the ones i would buy if only i had the money. Well enough of the little rant. Time for bed.

Should i?

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

01. Okay so im a sucker for skinny jeans. I practically used to live in them. Right now i am trying to not wear them so much cause there are just so many other options - skirts, dresses, shorts, trousers, playsuits. But i saw these in topshop this week and i couldnt not post about them. Deep down i still love skinny jeans, i guess its kind of a habit. These are like the perfect colour for this season too! The last pair i bought from topshop i wasnt too happy with though. Its  seems as though the elastic has gone in them and they have stretched all over the surface so they are unwearable. I cant say that is putting me off buying these.
What does everyone else think about the subject of jeans? A good yes or a definate no?

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