Purple shirt

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Warning, this post has quite a few pictures:

Shirt: charity shop. Leggings: river island. Backpack: asos. Espadrilles: office.

This is what i wore yesterday to college, been meaning to post an outfit in this shirt for a while. I bought it when i popped into a charity shop because i had ten minutes before my bus. So glad i went in because i honestly love this shirt! A perfect colour for summer and at the moment i wear quite a few shirts over leggings.

I am trying to work out how to record a video with sound on my mac, because when i tried it before with photobooth it didnt seem to work. Any ideas? If i do get it working think i might make a little haul video of some of the things that i have bought recently to show you guys because i dont really do enough outfit posts. Hoping to go shopping next week, have seen so many bloggers wearing lovely clothes which i need want.

Looking forward to these easter holidays! Already had one sneaky easter egg, ooops. Get time to spend with my boyfriend, see my friends, watch hunger games and go shopping. I also have a fair bit of college work to get done but am feeling surprisingly motivated. Just hope it lasts. Dont forget you can follow me on twitter :)


Vibrant varnishes

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This will no doubt be doing the rounds on the blogs, but i thought i would do a quick post on them.

This is a new Models Own collection of polishes, who have teamed up with Hed Kandi. I had never heard of this before so, using the trusty wikipedia, I found out it is a music record label which run a lot of events including ibiza. These colours definitely look like they belong somewhere hot and sunny! I think my favourites are the blue and the big glitter one and i cant wait to get my hands on them. Hoping they will be out soon. Anyone else heard much about them?

Sorry about being a bit absent lately. LOADS of deadlines and work to get done, but hopefully it will all be out the way soon. Really gutted that i have missed out on lots of this nice weather, perfect for an outfit post. Hoping to get some photos tomorrow because i picked up a great charity shop buy early this week that i want to share with you all. 



Thursday, 22 March 2012

All items from Pull+Bear.

I have only been into pull and bear once when i was in london but have recently been lusting after things from their online site. Had a bit of a mess up earlier this week which i mentioned on twitter. When i tried to order some things the order didnt go through but the money left my account.. but its all sorted now, but the blazer i wanted is sold out :( 
There is a bit of a theme going on here. I am loving pastel green/blue/red, just about anything at the moment. These jeans are perfect for spring because i dont really have enough colourful pieces in my wardrobe so think i will order these soon. Have you ever shopped at pull and bear?


Giveaway Winner

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Congratulations to January Sublime who won the giveaway i had for 200 followers. Thank you to anyone that entered, and hi to any new followers! I love reading everyones comments :)


Two tone

Monday, 19 March 2012

I have seen lots of nail art on peoples blogs that i have been loving at the moment! This is my go at block colour nails. I have used Models Own 'Fuzzy Peach' and Rimmels 'Grey Matter'. They arent particularly neat, should probably have waited a bit longer and let the paint completely dry before peeling away the tape. Would have made for a neater line.

In other news Lily Rose Shop is up online! Me and my sister have made a few pieces that we have put up on big cartel, just to see if there is any interest. Hopefully we will have a few different products coming soon. Especially in easter when there is a bit more time to get things done. I will have my two big deadlines out the way by then as well.

Oh and I bought tickets too Bloggers Boutique last week; run my Shore, Shope and Amy. I am really looking forward to it! Anyone else going along? Dont forget that tomorrow is the last way to enter my giveaway.


Turning on the spot

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Top: topshop
Shorts: yayer
Converse: office 
Earrings: sawyer and scout

I hate how awkward i always seem to look in photos. This is my outfit from today, with a jacket because it was actually pretty chilly once the sun went in. The top has been on here before. I really love wearing it though, its really easy to wear with everything. I seem to have invested in a lot of white tops for spring/summer! These shorts were from yayer a few weeks ago and they are perfect. Slightly high waisted and in a purpley blue colour so not just plain black. Cannot wait till its warm enough to wear them without tights. Also, i have started a bit of a collection of bracelets. These are only a few that i have on but yesterday i had them piled up. Will try get a post in about them maybe.. This one arrived today and its so cute.

These past few days i have been full of cold. Which is really annoying because it meant i couldnt give blood yesterday. Also meant i have just been feeling pretty rubbish. Hoping a bit of zumba tonight will make me feel better. Dont forget my giveaway which ends in 5 days! Oh and follow me on twitter (link in the sidebar).


Pink Blue and Yellow

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Note to self: find a brighter background!

Buns: 200g self raising flour
200g margarine
200g caster sugar
2 eggs

I backed and decorated some buns at the weekend. I got the idea from Kims post a while ago, but only just got round to doing it. Mine are nowhere near as impressive but they arent bad for a first attempt. I think i need to fill the bun cases more since some of them look a little weedy. And also cover them in more stars! The sprinkles are from sainsburys and i bought i few different kinds so will probably play about with the others soon. They tasted lovely but because i now have loads in the house i keep snacking on them, ooops.

Its been a really gorgeous day here and i love having the sun out, cant wait to not need a jacket outside. I have a lot of college work to get done these days. I have become a master of procrastination. Should really crack down for these next 3 weeks so i get it all done. Other than college i am working, playing cricket, volunteering and going to zumba (which you should really try if you havent!). So nothing that interesting to tell you about. Let me know if you have a go at any baking. And remember my giveaway closes in a week.


And your heart is a stone, buried underneath your pretty clothes

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bought the company high street edit yesterday. Love the look of the whole magazine, especially the new feel of the cover. It has left me lusting after a few pieces, but i have already bought so much this month (which i need to show you). Anyone else buy company regularly?

I have a very busy weekend but am actually just rushing off to get ready for a night out with some of my girls. It could leave me feeling a little worse for wear tomorrow though when i have to go look round accommodation at manchester university. Which means catching a train at 9:30am! Wish me luck!

The title of the post is from this song by The Naked and Famous. I saw them live and they were really amazing, quite like to see them again.


How do i get what i want when i dont know what it is

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I havent got much to say today. Got my results this morning and was pleased with them, As in chemistry and biology and a B in maths :) Now i just have to keep working hard for my final set, and then i will get my place at uni. Oh and i have twitter now, felt i was missing out on the little community!  Follow me @alicelilymh, would love to get to know you all. 
I have a few things i want to post about soon: an outfit post or two, a whishlist from pull and bear and the results of baking some buns.
Here is a little picture of me from today (you have probably forgotten what i look like seeing as i havent done an outfit post in a while).

Remember to enter my giveaway which is ending on the 20th March, you can tweet about it now too.
And big shout out to my little brother who is 13 today. Hard to believe he is a teenager already!



Monday, 5 March 2012

Here is my little thank you to everyone who reads and comments on my blog, i really enjoy posting and every comment makes me smile!

In this giveaway there is: Models Own nail polish in 'Blooboo' and 'Nude Beige', and their black nail art pen. A £10 topshop voucher. Silver earrings from a shop in my town. And a handmade friendship bracelet. To win these all you have to do is:

Follow on google friend connect.
Comment with your email address.
For an extra entry you can blog about the giveaway (remember to comment separately).
I now also have twitter so tweet, including @alicelilymh, for another entry.

Open to every follower! I will randomly draw the winner on the 20th March at midday, so you need to get your comments in before then. Hope you like all this.

I have only ever walked past the shop that i bought the earrings from, but my friend bought a really nice ring from there, so thought id pop in. They had some really cute earrings, think i may pop back and buy some that caught my eye :)


Colourful mess

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Wow. I have 200 followers! Hi to any new followers out there. Ive been thinking about doing a little giveaway to say thanks for all reading what i write, and i have a few little bits a pieces. So i will get that up soon.

Image from tumblr. I love the colours in it.

In other news, the little venture me and my sister are having a go at is a little shop. I know a lot of bloggers have their own little (or big) spaces where they sell things, and i love to buy from places like that! I have never been the most creative person but i always love to have a go, and its a good little side project from all my college work. My sister is much more artistic and said she would really like to be a part of this shop, so we a creating one together. We have made bits and pieces so far. But need to start work on the packaging before it all goes 'live'. You'll have to wait and see what we sell, but i have enjoyed making them. I dont have a clue if anyone will buy anything, but you never know! Hoping to be up in the next few weeks so i'll keep you updated.


Daydreams were dangerous, because they made her wish for things she could never have

Thursday, 1 March 2012

These are 4 shots are some of the clothes new in at Yayer. I love this store so much and have a few pieces from there. Each item chosen fits on their site so well, and i want to buy all of it. Thinking of maybe going for a floral jumpsuit if im feeling brave enough. The only negative i have is that postage is £3+, and because many of the items are unique they might not fit quite right and then you have to pay for the returns back. Im gonna try get some photos of the shorts i bought from them last week soon.

Whats happening in march:
I get the results for my january exams
My brother turns 13 and my sister turns 16
I have deadlines for two major projects
A few nights out are planned
Visiting Manchester uni to look at accommodation
My sister and i have a little venture (more to be revealed later)
Trying to fill my wardrobe with s/s clothes

I have a lot to look forward to this month, but also a lot of hard work. I will have all my coursework and projects out the way by the end of march, then its just down to my final exams. Cant believe how little time i have left in college. Hope everyone is enjoying the nicer weather.