Winter Haul video

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Thought id just link you to a quick video i posted on youtube :) this is all the things i have bought over the last few months, mainly winter clothes and a few nail polishes.


#5 Christmas Nail Art

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Its getting so close to the big day now! I absolutely love christmas and am really excited to see all my family again and just be able to relax and share our presents. The thought of exams in the new year keeps creeping up on me though, and its not a nice feeling!
But for today i thought i would share with you some of my christmas nail art ideas. These reindeer are what i have had on my nails for the past few days. You have to admit its pretty cute. Its also really simple to do.



I used these two polishes from eyeko, and although they dont sell them anymore, Barry Ms mushroom is really similar to posh polish and there are loads of good reds out there. I painted the base in posh polish, and then added the antlers and nose in the black nail art pen. And the eyes were spots of white followed by a smaller spot of black. The main thing is to wait for each layer to dry before adding more!

Then this wheel is just a collection of nails ive tried out over the past month. I definitely have my favourites: the red and white fairisle print, the snowman and the christmas tree on the white background :)




I still dont know which one to choose to do for christmas day though!


Sanctuary Bathtime Bliss

Thursday, 20 December 2012

That last minute mad rush to buy christmas presents in the week before christmas? I know ive been there before! Although i have done well this year and got all my christmas presents sorted, just need to find time to wrap them before the big day. But if you havent managed to get them all yet then keep reading, because this bath set would make a perfect gift.
I have used a few sanctuary products before because my sister used to buy some of there bits, but its never been a brand that i have gone out to buy (probably because i am rubbish at buying products to pamper myself with!) So i was looking forward to trying out this set that i was sent.

Sanctuary gift set

Sanctuary gift set

First of all how cute is the packaging! I love the bright pinks and oranges and the flower pattern across the clear front, this is definitely something i look out for when buying a product, especially as a gift. You can also smell the fragrance before you even open the packet! This one is their classic fragrance and it has quite a musky floral smell, although i think it is a very unisex smell as it isnt sweet.
I didnt have chance to photograph the actual products but have had the candle burning in my room and its just so lovely to have, its a great thing to have when you want to take 5 minutes to relax. I am going to try out the other products the next time i have enough time for a long bath! This is definitely a set that be great as a christmas or birthday present :)


Who said i couldnt be a reindeer?

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that i attended the Daisystreet Christmas party and they had some really great clothes out on show. The lovely ladies who organised it allowed us to pick one item to review! There were a couple of things that i had my eye on but in the end i went for the Taska Ornate Circular Stitch Crop Top in Gold. It got its first outing at my family christmas party this weekend and i got so many compliments from everyone there :)

Party outfit

Party outfit

Party outfit
Top - Daisystreet, Skirt - Topshop

I really like the detail on this top and its the kind of item that can be dressed up or down. The only thing i wasnt so keen on were the slits at the bottom but when i paired it with a high waisted skirt i think it looks a bit like a dress a i love it! Although when i saw the way they styled it online i think it looks good too. How would you style it?


#4 Christmas traditions

Friday, 14 December 2012

Ive seen a few other bloggers post about their holiday traditions and i loved Rachael's and Rosie's, so thought i would write my own because i love how festive it makes me feel just reading them! Get ready for a long one..

Christmas starts around the first week of december when we go and pick out a christmas tree and drag the huge box of decorations down from the loft. We go to a local garden centre and pick a real tree each year, usually its pretty big as well because we have tall ceilings! But we always try and choose one with a nice shape too. We bring it home and put it up in the corner of the living room at which point we whack on the christmas music and start decorating.


Christmas tree

One of the things which always causes fits of laughter is getting the lights all working and onto the tree. A quick anecdote from a couple of years ago:

'My sister was filming the decorating of the tree this year and commentating as we went along. We always plug the lights in and have to get them all working before they can go up on the tree, this is not an easy task! The lights are split into sections and each has a fuse bulb. But if one goes in a section they all go so you have to go along the whole section and find the one that isnt working! We had been going for a good hour with my sister filming lots of bits and we finally managed to get the lights working! Only for my sister to turn round and go "i didnt have the camera on, quick turn the plug of and pretend they are just coming on again". So we turned the plug off, pretend to fiddle with them, turned the plug back on.... and they didnt work! I think it took another good half hour to sort them out again!' (congrats if you just made it through all that haha)

We also decorate round the house with things we have collected over the years.


The rest of our family traditions start on the 24th, christmas eve. We spend the next three days with my dads side of the family. One of his brothers lives in london and the other in new york so i dont get to see them or my aunties that often! On christmas eve we always go out for a meal and have tried a few different places out in recent years. We are going to somewhere new again this year, which is a nice addition to the old traditions. In the evening we have a good catch up over drinks and chocolate and fill under the tree with all the presents. Just before bed my sister, brother and i all lay out our 'santa sacks' in the same corners of the front room as we do each year, and pop out the usual snacks for santa. We are all getting a bit old now, but christmas wouldnt be the same without these little things!

On christmas morning we all wake quite earlier and the 3 of us sit at the top of the stairs under a blanket and wait for the rest of our family to get up. Last year we couldnt fit all 3 of us across the top step cause we had all grown! Once everyone is up we 'check santa has eaten his mince pie' and then get to open all the santa presents. After this we have breakfast with croissants and cereals and then do and get dressed. Then my granny and grandad arrive and we open all the presents under the tree together that we have bought each other, quite often with my mum running backwards and forwards to the kitchen (i dont know how she manages everything at christmas, shes a saint!).

This is all followed by brunch of scrambled eggs on toast, bacon and bucks fizz made by all the boys. All accompanied by festive tunes in the background and everyone trying out there new gifts. Then before we settle in for a huge meal and lots of chocolates we go for an afternoon walk across the local golf club and little woods. This is made even more special when it snows and we always get some lovely photos from our time outside!

When we get back everyone gets glammed up in their christmas dresses and usually new pieces of jewellery, and we help to decorate the table and finish of the cooking. Christmas dinner - a mass of roast just about everything, turkey (and nut roast for us veggies), mashed sweet potato, sprouts, gravy, stuffing, yorkshire puddings and so much more. And this is all before dessert! After dinner we all collapse in the lounge and begin an evening of games. Bowling on the wii nearly always makes an appearance. And then we have a few of our own games (let me know if you play these!). We play several rounds of country, county, town - my granny and grandad must practice all year round cause they nearly always win haha - and also play cards in the hat. I think they would both take too long to explain! We spend the rest of the evening eating more desserts than we can handle and sipping at the champagne.

I could go on about the traditions in the next few days, and the time we spend with my mums side of the family, but i think i best stop there for today! Congratulations if you made it through all that! I would love to here all about your traditions. Do you have any things that you do every year?


Next christmas shop window

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Next Winter Window

I was contacted about a week ago about a competition to design a shop front window for Next. A while ago i just thought of Next as somewhere my mum used to shop for me when i was younger, but then i started to look through the catalogues that we got several times a year and realised they had some really great items! Since then i have bought jumpers, dress, lingerie and work wear from there, all at good prices and really fantastic quality, so thats why i decided to have a go at this.

Ok, so its a pretty eclectic shop window! But i wanted to pick items that showed different sides of winter and christmas. This jumper looks really snuggly and because the pattern isnt too out there (unlike some christmas jumpers!) it can be worn with so many things. The colour of the dress is one of my favourites for this time of year, and sequins are a christmas must. Then ive just kept it simple with a pair of peep toe black heels. This is the kind of outfit i would wear on christmas day for our big dinner, then the slippers are there to change into since christmas is actually much better when youre cosy! Finally, along the slipper line, is this damn cool onsie. I would change into this in the evening when we all watch a film and play games.

One thing i havent included in this shop window is homewares. Another thing which Next has a great selection of. I think this is a really cute way to display all your christmas cards and these tumblers would make a festive addition to the table :) overall i am pretty impressed by what next has to offer and would live to see these items in a shop window.


Denim shirt and a green knit

Tuesday, 11 December 2012



Jumper - Topshop, Shirt - UO Renewal, Jeans - Jack Wills, Converse - Office

Quick outfit for you, not done one in ages! I am back home now for the christmas holidays so some of you may notice iim in front of my usual wall and my lovely brother is taking my photos again. Hopefully i will be able to get some more frequent outfit shots for you over christmas!

This is quite a typical me outfit. As much as i love wearing skirts, dresses and tights you cant beat a pair of jeans, a big shirt and a jumper. I am actually looking out for a new pair of black skinny jeans. I love the really dark colour of these, but didnt realise at the time how low rise they were so they just annoy me! Got to love high waisted jeans :)

Its not something i mention often on here (because i know most people wont care haha) but i am a big football fan and support one of my local teams Bradford City. Tonight me and my dad are going to watch them and it is going to be one of the biggest games i have ever been too! We are playing at home against Arsenal in the cup with a sell out crowd! *excited squeal*

Bringing it back to something more relatable.. nails. This is my latest christmas nail art, a wintery snowflake design.

Snowflake design

Its really simple to do but i love how pretty it is and it goes with loads of outfits because its not too bright. Will be doing a big post on christmas nail art soon!

And i cant forget to mention the new illustration i have in my sidebar! It was done buy the wonderful Hannah who also writes a lovely blog so make sure you go and check that out :)


Pinterest inspiration

Sunday, 9 December 2012

I only started using pinterest in the last month or so but i absolutely love it! It has given me so many ideas of things that i want to try, but also just a great place to gather lots of inspiration and pretty pictures. I thought i would share with you a few of my top picks :)

These would be the perfect thing to bake over christmas, cant wait to have a go when i get home! 

Think this is my favourite idea! Going to have a go at making this before new year and start it in 2013. Any good ideas of places to get a big date stamp?

This is such a simple idea and i had a go as soon as i saw it - great and cheap way to brighten up your keys.

Ok, so it might not be relevant now, but its such a cute idea! Along with this there are so many other alternatives to having a standard wedding guest book which i love.

Let me know if you have pinterest because i would love to follow more people :)


Red with gold glitter

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Red + glitter

Quick snap of my nails from this week :) These colours are just christmas all wrapped up in one! I used Eyekos 'Saucy Polish' as the base and then an Accessorize glitter over the top. I sponged the painted a thick line at the bottom of each nail, and then spread it up using a small piece of make up sponge to get a slight gradient effect. Got a whole wheel of christmas nails coming up soon! What are your holiday nails like?

Also this week i finished my first semester at uni! I cant believe it has gone so quickly really but i am looking forward to getting home and being able to spend the whole of christmas with my family. I do still have a lot of hard work to do as well though to prepare for the exams i have in mid january.


#3 Christmas tag

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Saw this over on Nina's blog and I love getting a little insight into everyone elses christmas, so here is a look into mine.

What is your favourite holiday movie?
You cant beat Elf! Its the film i watch every single year with my brother and sister and always gets me really excited!

What is your favourite christmas colour?
It has to bed red. Red jumper, red nails, red decorations (although i mix in some silver and gold too) :)

Do you like to stay in your pjs or dress up for christmas?
I usually have a mixture. We always go down in the morning in our pjs to open our first lot of presents but then we all go at get glammed up in dresses for our family presents and christmas meal.

If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be for?
I think it would have to be a joint present (that counts as one person right?) for my mum and dad. I love to buy them gifts to show how much i appreciate and love them.

Do you open your gifts on christmas eve or christmas morning?
Christmas morning! We all wait at the top of the stairs nice and early until all the adults get up, got to love a family tradition.

Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
No but i would love too, they always look amazing.

What do you like to do over the christmas holidays?
Its a time to see my family and friends. Especially this year because i have been away at uni so will be going back for a month over christmas. I also love going on walks and eating loads of food!

What is your favourite christmas smell?
I get told it doesnt smell.. but tinsel. When we get the 'christmas box' down from the loft with all the decorations in and open it up it just smells like christmas. Anyone else get this?

What is your favourite christmas meal or treat?
I dont think i can pick something in particular, i just love the all meals over christmas. We always go out somewhere lovely on christmas eve. Have a big brunch of croissants and eggs and toast and cereal, with the big traditional christmas meal in the afternoon on christmas day. And then at my aunties a few days later have a huge leftovers buffet with added extras like cous cous and potato dauphinoise!

What is your favourite holiday song?
Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You. Enough said.

Any christmas wishes?
I really want some snow this year! And also just for everyone to be happy and healthy over christmas so we can all have a great time :)

Let me know in the comments if you do this tag cause i would love to read them!


Firmoo glasses

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ok so this has definitely done the rounds on the blogs, but it really is such a great scheme!
These past few years glasses have become much more of a fashion accessory than just something that people with poorer eyesight wear. For me i think it is quite often the influence of film and tv shows where i see people looking great in glasses and want a pair of my own. Ive been with my mum when shes gone for eye tests before and i will go to sit in the waiting area but will always end up trying on a load of frames, only to tell the assistant i dont actually need glasses :(
But Firmoo are offering everyone their FIRST PAIR FREE when you order from their site. They have a huge selection of prescription and no-prescription glasses and sunglasses, and you only have to pay a small postage fee. Plus they ship worldwide!
The pair that i went for was #SD2266 in tortoise which you can see on the site here. A really great feature of the site is being able to virtually try on the glasses. I also like that there are images of customers with them on, helped me to decide on which to go for when i can see how they look on real people :)






Glasses c/o Firmoo, Shirt - Zara

I was really impressed with their service, the glasses were delivered in just 3 days. The only negative i have is that the hard case was damaged at one side. It looked like it had been knocked in so the inside lining had come out of place. But they also come with a drawstring case which i have been keeping them in instead. Let me know if you take advantage of this offer!


Daisystreet Christmas Party

This is the second blog event i have ever been to, and i love going to them! It gives you the chance to meet new bloggers and, depending on the event, see what a particular brand has to offer.
Daisystreet is an online retailer that has only been going for about one year but has taken off so quickly! And its easy to see why. They have a great collection of really affordable pieces that follow the main trends of the season. The event i went too was showcasing winter and party clothes. Which meant there were lots of sparkles, sequins, disco pants and jumpers!
I took my camera to get a few snaps (but quickly realised that i need to learn how to use it better because i couldnt get the photos to come out well with the lighting at the venue..) But here are some that i got:


Movember might be over, but the print on this midi dress is still amazing!

These cupcakes were really yummy :)




So many sequins!


Met some lovely bloggers: Joanna, Sindy, Emily

If your looking for a dress to wear over christmas i would definitely check out Daisystreet. My top picks are this one and this one :)