6 happy things from this week #2

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

From southport pier.

- The team i support in football beat Aston Villa in the semi-finals of the cup so we are going to Wembley!!

- My boyfriend came and visited me for the weekend before my second semester starts. It was lovely to get to spend time with him.

- We took a day trip to Southport which was sooo windy! But a great day.

- Spent an evening watching junior doctors with one of my friends at uni. Had to follow it up with Michael Mcintyre because it was actually pretty sad.

- I had a great night out in manchester with the people who i am sharing a house with next year. Love those guys!

- Discovered proplus, sitting through morning lectures just got a whole lot easier.


Neon jumper and black vans

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Top - Primark, Earrings - Ever Ours

All underwear - Topshop

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Boots, 'Green Room' nail varnish - Topshop

Both jumpers - Topshop, Vans - Office

I let myself have a little retail therapy last week after my exams finished and these were the bits i picked up. I originally went into topshop to buy the black full length jumper, but came out with two cropped jumpers, oops. Usually i'm not a fan of cropped items and dont think they suit me that well but i loved the thought of styling these with long blouses, pretty dresses and high waisted jeans. The nail polish was an impulse buy (i cant seem to come home from shopping without at least one nail polish!). Unfortunately its quite similar to AA Pacific Beach which i already have.
Vans our some of my favourite shoes to wear and i have worn my other white/black pair so much they have holes all over so i treated myself to a new pair because i know i will get plenty of wear out of them.
I have been watching a lot more youtube videos lately and, although i am not a big wearer of make up, i really enjoy watching Tanya Burrs make over videos and it has inspired me to try a few things out. It also means i have a huge wishlist of items i want to buy! The Rimmel Stay Matte powder is something she uses in nearly every look so i thought i would see what it was like.
The earrings are from an online order from Ever Ours who have the most amazing sale on the last of their stock. I also bought a blouse from them and will have that up in an outfit post soon. When i opened my order up there was also a little surprise in the form of a little mouse ring which i absolutely love!


A snow day

Monday, 21 January 2013

Thought i would spam you with a few photos of the snow round where i live, i know you probably havent seen enough already.. :D


6 happy things from this week #1

Sunday, 20 January 2013

This week i also got my nose pierced, got a new phone and got instgram (alicelilymh).

- The SNOW! People can moan as much as they like on twitter but i love it when it snows. Especially since we only get it once or twice a year.

- Finishing my exams for semester one. A big relief getting them out the way even if they didnt go amazingly well.

- Treated myself to a bit of retail therapy (post to come).

- Had a really funny conversation with my mum and dad. Oh he does make me laugh!
Mum: think i am going to buy this top in the colour 'mole' too, i really like the blue one i have.
Me: thats nice, reminds me quite a bit of a taupe colour :)
Dad: now youre just making colours up!
(Returning 5 mins later) Dad: that skirt is lovely, would be nicer in the colour 'otter'...
Does not translate as well when it is typed out, was a 'had to be there moment' clearly.

- Went ice skating and to pizza hut with my boyfriend. Have not been ice skating in sooo long and i managed to not fall over, achievement.

- Watched Les Mis. Enough said.


13 things for 2013

Monday, 7 January 2013

My face

I know we are a week into january, but better late than never! There a still a couple of things that i havent crossed off from last year, but here are the things i have been thinking about mainly for this year. Things are a bit different now i am away from home a lot of the time, but i also get longer breaks in the summer and would love to spend my time doing some things i have always wanted to do like road trips or travelling to a few places abroad. So here is my 13 for 2013 (it seemed like an appropriate number.)

One - make time to talk to and see my family as much as possible.
Two - work hard to pass my first year.
Three - take a road trip somewhere in the UK.
Four - get more tattoos.
Five - start a new feature on this blog.
Six - take more photos of everyday life.
Seven - visit London again.
Eight - keep in touch with all my friends.
Nine - go to ten places i have never been to before.
Ten - remember to fill up my 'happy jar'.
Eleven - read 20 new books. (Tally - ||||)
Twelve - get into a better sleeping pattern.
Thirteen - continue to blog.

I am hoping number six will be easier when i get a new phone, then i will have something to take good pictures on all the time, unfortunately my several years old blackberry just doesnt cut it!
Number ten comes from a great idea on pinterest, and i now have a jar on my desk so that when something good happens i write it down and collect them all so i can look through them at the end of the year. Sort of like a mini diary.
The one thing i real want to do though is to continue to blog. There will be times when it will be hard because my degree is pretty demanding! But i really enjoy writing down on here and definitely dont want to stop reading everyone elses blogs. I love being able to write as much or as little as i want and am quite proud of the little space on the internet. *Insert soppy moment here* I want to say a huge thank you to anyone that reads my blog. It means a lot to know that people enjoy the little bits of life that i post up here!


Looking Back On 2012

Saturday, 5 January 2013

I havent posted for quite a while, because i am busy revising and will be for the next few weeks until my exams are over. But i really wanted to write something down because its that time again where a lot of reflecting goes on. So i have two posts coming up (thought it might be too much to put inot one post!). I know it can all get a bit cliche, but my blog is a space that i know i will look back on so love to record things like this.

2012 went by in a flash for me! So many things have changed this year and its had its ups and its downs. I had a few things i hoped to complete and i did most of them, which makes it feel like i have achieved something. There are also things which are just really happy memories from this year.

I passed my driving test early on in January which was something i really wanted to do first time.

I bought my macbook which i had been saving up for - post here.

Went to northumberland for a few days break with the family - post here.

Started reading more books, especially since i got my kindle for christmas, and loved the Hunger Games this year - post here.

Started to really get into nail art and buy lots more nail polishes.

Went down to london with my ex boyfriend, and attended my first bloggers event - post here

Went to watch Coldplay at the Etihad stadium with my mum!

Went on a great family holiday in Portugal, where i turned 18 - post here.

I got the grades i needed at a-level to get into university!
So i have moved away from home and gone to uni where i have met some amazing people and started on my medicine course.

Had loads of great nights out alongside the handwork! (this one was geek night haha)

Went to radio 1xtra with my sister in manchester, saw rita ora for the second times!

Had a great christmas and new year back home with all my family :)

This has turned into quite a long post! I have had a year unlike any other and feel more grown up now than i ever have, although I'm sure i still have a long way to go. Ive got one more post on some of the things i hope to do and achieve in 2013 coming up :)