when the world is painted white

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sorry for the picture heavy post. 

Coat - Topshop - £75, Scarf - Miss Selfridge, Gloves - Primark - £2, Wellies - Storm Wells, Tights - Sainsburys - £6, Dress - Charity shop - £3.50.

Okay, so just about everyone is talking about snow. College finished at lunch and everyone was sent home. So Rosie and I decided to go for a stroll out in the snow. The light was good to start with but was rubbish by the end, and i havent edited the pictures so the quality is a bit poor. I also apologise for the rather odd looking photos of me, but it was freezing! I have had today off college too and built a snowman, except i didnt get a picture cause the boys destroyed it :( *Just added the last picture which was taken today by my friend whilst we were all out in the snow*. Really hope the snow isnt troubling people too much. I quite like it if i'm honest.


  1. OH wow your lucky, we haven't had much snow. just annoying little bits all of a sudden and then just slush and ice, so college was still on for me :( these photos look brilliant!

  2. goodness me, you have so much snow where you are! in my part of london there is nowhere near that much! i love your topshop coat, so pretty! xx

  3. so much snow! i have nearly a foot where i live, but i'm ill so my mum won't let me at it,i'm so jealous! x

  4. I'm so jealous of you! I wish it would snow where I live! hehe

    Great pictures!


  5. So jealous of all these snow day pictures! Looks like you had fun and I love your coat :)

    Sally x

  6. coorrrr you have soo much snow there! we only have around 10cm of snow :( nice pictures :)



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