Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Love how it is beginning to feel like spring/summer. Lately i have been really getting down and doing some college work. I have a really big chemistry that i mentioned about before and have been spending nearly 4 hours a day in the labs to get all my practical work done! But thankfully i am getting there and then i just have the graphs and write up to do. So to distract myself from all this work i have picked out a few books that i want to read:

Lucas - Kevin Brooks
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
The Hunger Games series - Suzanne Collins

I am currently reading Lucas, and if youve not read any Kevin Brooks before you definitely should. He has a really odd style of writing, and his books can be a bit creepy, but you cant put them down! I have read a few by him and i think Candy was my favourite (or Black Rabbit Summer). Great reviews of the hunger games have been everywhere so i have borrowed the series off a friend at work to read, hopefully before the film comes out. And finally i have just bought the last book after seeing it one someones blog - cant remember whos so let me know if it was you - and thought it sounded like a good read. I'll let you know.
Oh and happy leap day!


Pretty things

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Found these amazing collars over at Little Me who has a big cartel shop, and i fell in love. There are more lovely ones over on the shop but these are some of my favourites. I am so tempted to buy the second collar, it is so unique! But i have spent a lot recently so am really trying to stop myself buying so much.
My life is still consisting of chemistry projects and my part time job, really wish time would slow down a bit. But looking forward to tomorrow where i am having a girly night in over at my friends house. That means dvds, chocolate and popcorn, cant wait!


Cosmic Karma

Monday, 20 February 2012

This is the first topshop nail varnish i have bought and i love the shade of it. Topshop have a great range of colours, but are quite pricey at £6 a bottle. But i have had this on for 3 days now and it hasnt chipped yet! In the first picture i only have one coat on so it comes out really well without having to use lots. It actually looks better irl as the flash washes it out a bit on the photo. I will definitely be having a look at more topshop polishes now ive tried this one.


Dreaming of sunshine

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Converse: Office
Watch: Casio
Bracelet: Yayer
Nail varnish: Topshop (post to come soon)

This is one of the items i have bought recently. Its not warm enough to wear it out like this yet, but i cant wait till it is! I dont usually buy much from miss selfridge, and although it was fairly expensive, i justified it because i had some vouchers from christmas which i could spend there. I love the shape of this playsuit, they often just look too big around my hips but this is the perfect size. It also has spots and a little lace insert collar, what more could you want?!
I seem to have given up with febphotoaday, i wish i had a smaller better quality camera and it would be so much easier to take pictures. It became too much of a hassle rather than fun. Hoping to get an iphone soon, then i'll be able to get instagram :) Right, its the last day of the holidays and i still have lots of work to do so i best crack on.


S/S dresses

Friday, 17 February 2012


I was looking through asos a few days ago and bookmarked some lovely spring/summer dresses. I dont have enough of dresses like these in my wardrobe so will probably buy something like this soon. Definitely shop around a bit first though because i have seen some posts on other blogs about some nice items in places like boohoo and topshop. 
I think my favourite is the blue one, blue is definitely a colour that suits me and its veering towards the pastel shades i am looking forward too this season. The second dress has a really cool back on it which make me want it just to try it on! What dresses have caught your eye? 


Cats and duvets

Thursday, 16 February 2012

A nice easy post seeing as im a little worse for wear after last night.

On my tumblr there seem to be a lot of cats and duvets, i like that. 
Oh, and im really looking forward to more sunshine.


Weekend away

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Havent blogged for the last few days because me and the fam spent a long weekend up on Holy Island in Northumberland. Its a far cry from tropical beaches and hot weather (windy and cold!) but we had a lovely time in the cottage we had hired out. We visited lots of castles and little villages, with lovely tea shops and gift shops. We also went to an amazing bookshop in Alnwick! Its something like the second largest in the UK and is built in an old railway station (fit with running model railway round the tops of the bookcases) and it has literally every second hand book going! 
I've bought a few more things lately that i want to show you all so will get some posts up about those soon. Hope everyone is well and those who are on holiday are enjoying themselves :) 


ps. if anyone knows any good places to get nice cases for macbooks then let me know.

Skulls and bicycles

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Jumper: charity shop, Jewellery: Sawyer and Scout, Leggings: River Island, Socks: Happy socks

Experimenting with somewhere else to take outfits photos, seeing as taking them outside today definitely wasnt an option! What horrible weather we had today. Just misty rain that soaked your clothes and made my hair curly. This is just a simple outfit, i pair a lot with leggings these days because they are so easy to wear. I also wore my white lace up converse and a big parka coat but cant really photo them inside.

The last photo shows the gorgeous new jewellery that ive bought from Sawyer & Scout. Its a bigcartel shop run by the lovely Erin from etc. It has some really great pieces of jewellery and im sure i could have bought more if my bank account had let me! So you should definitely go check out her shop and blog.

Lately i have had so much work from college, so i am doing that thing where i dont have a clue where to start, so i dont start. Which becomes a bit of a problem when the deadlines come up. I have a really big practical chemistry project that i am in the middle of, and i also have to write a 5000 word dissertation about prevention vs cure in medical terms.. So naturally i am creating lots of other little projects for myself to distract me. But hopefully that will mean more content for the blog :) hope everyone is happy and well.


Getting to know..

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

This week i had the fantastic opportunity to interview Kim from Sweet Monday.

So then, tell me a bit about Sweet Monday. when and why did it start?
I started it in summer of 2010. It got off to a slow start, I can't even remember why I started it now, because I saw a few friends doing it. I've always been creative and thought it was a great place to be just that. Like right down to the blog itself, it reminded me of myspace, with all the html etc. And I'd missed having a page like that that was my own. Facebook just isn't the same.

I was looking back through some of your old stuff, it seems pretty similar to how you post now. Do you think you have changed your style and what you post much?
I'm not sure. I'm happier with my blog now, layout wise and I have a new camera so I think that side has got better. But I hope that what I write about is the same. I don't want to change and my blog to change. Nails, cupcakes, outfits, crafts - that's all me!

I do love the new layout! And yeah, you do have a great focus in your blog, its always wanting to make me get crafty or buy something new. I was wondering how your shop was coming along and whether you were continuing with it?
Yes it's getting there! I've made a few things but I'm currently waiting on labels and other bits to package them. Annoy when I have everything ready to go but I'm a bit crazy over the small things! I guess a bit of a perfectionist!
(Expect pieces like this in the shop)

Sounds like its going to be great!
It takes time and a lot of effort! To be honest if it wasn't for my blog and the fact I work part time atm I probably wouldn't have done it. My blogs really got going recently and I think it's all because I've actually got some time to do things.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of shops as well, has that helped?
Yeh it's helped a lot. I've known the shop Dixi for years now, way before I started a blog so they've really stood by me and done giveaways through my blog and given me pieces. I'd say they've been the biggest help.
Onto the future then? Any big ideas?
Not really. I find this question so hard. Hopefully get a shop off the ground and see how that goes, see if it can make me any money on the side if people like the things i make. Haha um and really continue as I am. 
My blogs taken off over the last couple of months, I don't know how it's happened but it's gone crazy recently, so we'll see if that continues :) I hope it never gets boring, I guess everyone plods along posting about the same things. But luckily fashion and seasons change so so does your blog in a way.

Fashion is definitely something that wont get boring lol. You also entered the Company Casting Call with River Island, is modeling something you might like to do more of?
Oh I don't think I could do that. I'm no where near pretty enough or good enough for that kind of thing. I never ever enter things like this but as my blog had got a bit more popular I thought why not. And even though it would be scary how amazing would it be if I won?! So fingers crossed! I think I'm going to try and enter more things like that. You've got to get yourself out there don't you. Not be such a scaredy cat! :P

You’re definitely pretty enough! And even if you enter and find its not your thing it will be a great experience.
Yeah, I've seen so many bloggers have amazing opportunities through big names like Company and River Island. I think it's so good.

Thank you so much to Kim for talking to me and letting me feature her blog. It really is a great inspiration for me and gives me so many great ideas! So everyone should go vote for her in the Company Casting Call here. I also now really want to attend a blogger meet up which is something i havent had the confidence to do yet, it will go on my to do list for this year.


Week One #febphotoaday

Sunday, 5 February 2012

01. Your view today - this was the view from my window on wednesday evening. It was freezing cold but the sun made it look beautiful.

02. Words - I keep a book full of quotes and sayings that remind me of memories or just mean something to me.

03. Hands - rather than just taking a picture of my own hands, i took pictures of lots of my friends hands (which they all found rather odd) and then put them all together.

04. A stranger - I had a bit of a problem with todays seeing as i didnt leave the house.. and we didnt have any strangers come into the house.

05. 10am - Okay, so i may have slept through 10am, so this picture is from 11am. We didnt have much snow though so its melting away really quickly.

Hope everyone has had a good week. Mines been pretty stressful because i have so much work to do at the moment, and no motivation to do it. Cannot wait till i get these two big projects out the way for easter! Then its just the final stretch of exams until i have completely finished school, scary. Ive purchased a few things this week too so i will post about them when they arrive. Oh and hi to any new followers :) my count has slowly been creeping up. Thinking about having a giveaway at 200, got some nice things planned.