Colourful collection

Friday, 29 June 2012

Im on a blogging roll! Third post in 3 days. Off to watch a 20:20 cricket match after this and have a meal with the family so it will be a good evening.

One thing i really love doing are my nails. And i can't seem to help but buy more and more polishes! My latest couple are 'Mint Candy Apple' from essie and 'Sparkle Touch' from miss sporty. Ive been looking to buy an essie polish for a while, but they are quite highly priced, but after seeing this one everywhere i couldnt leave it on the shelf. I have managed to fit all my polishes onto two colour wheels (except my cracking and magnetic polishes). I have numbered them so if you want to know what a particular colour is just ask below. Some of them havent come out great in the light though, especially the darker ones.
The last photo has some of the nail designs i have done on it. Some of them are quite simple, using a hair pin as a dotting tool. And it is the first time i have tried out my matte finish polish and it was pretty amazing! Makes it seem like i now have a whole new set of polishes. The spiderman nail is another from Erins blog. She always has some of the most amazing nail art so definitely check her out.
I bought the colour wheels for just £1.50 off ebay here and think they are a great way to mess about with designs. It also means i can see all my colours at once when choosing what to paint my nails next. Hope you like this post :)


Well it's about time that we made a stand,

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ive really grown to love maxi dresses lately. I bought the one from miss selfridge a while a go (shown in my video) and it looks gorgeous on. I think i might buy a couple more before i go on holiday because they are a great cover up whilst keeping you cool. I really like the basic stripy one from river island and dont think £20 is too unreasonable. 
Also really want to buy into the dip hem trend. I wasnt really sure at first. But after seeing so many bloggers looking gorgeous in theres i am on the hunt for the perfect one. Do you like the maxi trend?

The title is from Hunger by Frankie and the Heartstrings, really loving their album at the moment. Think i might do a post about music. A playlist post.


Olympic fever

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

These are a few snaps from sunday when the olympic torch came through our town. There was such an amazing turnout, over 20,000 people! I was feeling a little worse for wear but this really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The rain held off and it was fun to see all the procession come through. The policemen were on flashing high-tech motorbikes and were high fiving everyone and playing their horns! There was also quite a bit going on in the town centre and they had lined the main street with grass to have races on. It was a lovely event. Any yet to see the torch?


Rose pink

Monday, 25 June 2012

Top + shorts: Topshop, shoes: office

This is an outfit i had on in the middle of last week, before the pouting rain came! The shorts are a new pair. I bought two from topshop lately and they are both really comfortable. I bought the size up in these ones to make sure they are long enough and they still fit really well on my waist. The top is an old one from topshop but i still love wearing it, goes really easily with lots of things.
I dont think i have shown my vans that often on here but they are my go to footwear. I have two pairs of vans, and two pairs of converse. After rambling on about the problems i sometimes have with shoes in my last post these style are perfect. Obligatory shot of my cat in the second picture. He is such a cutie! Always comes up when we are taking photos and chases around my feet.

I have had quite a lot going on recently. Completely finished my exams today so i am FREE! So having been using my time and getting lots of things done. Will be getting more posts up asap. And really need to sort my blog header out, i am useless with html. Anyone good at it?


Summer lust

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Okay so this outfit might have been more appropriate for the past few days (typical english weather pouring down all today!) Lately all i have been buying and wishlisting are summer clothes, wishing the time away till i go to portugal with my boyfriend and the family. Ive got a post to come in a few days on maxi dresses which are my new clothing crush. I would really love to own the outfit though. The espadrille wedges are very summery and would look good dressed up or down. The strap would be needed to hold my foot in the shoe. These shorts (sold out in my size on the website, wahhh) are pretty cool. Will have to hunt them down in a store. They look fairly short but i think you can get away with that when its really hot. Love the tribal print stitched into the pockets. Then keeping it simple with a white scalloped edge shirt.
This backpack is from Lazy Oaf. Ever since i bought a backpack in september im not sure i can use another type of bag to carry my things around in to places like college. I returned the one shown in my video. Backpacks are just so much more comfortable! And i checked with Lazy Oaf, this one is big enough to hold my macbook which i s what i need because the one i have at the moment is too small.

Wow. All that actually came out pretty long! I only have two exams left now, got my maths one out the way today. Not looking forward to a 25 mark biology essay tomorrow though. Whos idea was it to ever put an essay in a biology exam?! Well i had best go revise.

Curly mane

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

01. Quick webcam photo from earlier this week, i put it on twitter so you may have seen it already. This is my natural (crazy) hair. I tend to straighten it, or at least blow dry it so it isnt so big but somedays i like to leave it and thats when the curls come out. By the end of the day though it just looks limp, and if i brush it it turns into a massive frizz ball!

02. How cute are the new craft scissors on picmonkey?! Since picnik closed down its been my go-to editing site and i love how they always come up with cool new ideas for ways to edit your photos.

03. I have three exams left, nearly there! They finish on monday next week but my last one is general studies which doesnt really count so it feels like they finish on friday. I actually cant wait. Revision is driving me insane.

04. Got some 18ths to look forward to when i finish as well. One this saturday, one on monday and my best friend turns 18 at the beginning of July. Im hoping to make a big batch of cupcakes for her party so need to think up a nice design, maybe have a trail run before i make loads of them. I also need to get her a present, completely stumped for ideas though! 

Right i had best get back to revising. This maths isnt going to learn itself :(



Sunday, 17 June 2012

Congratulations to AmiLouise who won the Little Me giveaway that i held a couple of weeks ago! She wins a Fearne Collar. Thank you to everyone who entered and i hope to hold another giveaway as soon as possible. Also a big thank you to Sophie who gave me the collar for this giveaway, remember the sale is still on in her shop if you want to buy one.


Latest buys

Friday, 15 June 2012

Awkward video time. I really want to find out how to edit videos (any good suggestions?) cause some bits in here need cutting out cause i sound like an idiot! But here it is anyway, because it really is much easy to video what i got rather than take photos of everything.

Links to all items: maxi dress, leather bag (sold out), turquoise sandals, black sandals, boat shoes, pink shorts, lilac shorts, ankle socks, floral bandeau, floppy hat (not online)

Hope you like this haha. I do actually quite like watching videos of the blogs i read because people never sound like i expect them too! I have 4 more exams left now, except two are general studies so dont really count.. This weekend though we have a cousin staying over from australia which will be nice. I have only ever met him once when we went to australia when i was 12 so i dont have a clue what he is like! Also looking forward to the football tonight, come on england. Just wish this weather would clear up and give us some sun! And thank you for all your lovely comments on my latest posts, really makes my day :)


Aztec and pink

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Just a quick post that i have scheduled because i am (supposedly) revising hard at the moment. My next exam is chemistry on tomorrow, which should be the easiest of the lot i have. These nails are done using a Filthy Gorgeous polish that i got in the goody bag from bloggers boutique. Its called 'Rosey Posey' and since they are now selling through Debenhams i think i might have to buy a few more colours.

I have been wanting to try out an aztec print for ages now! But to be honest i thought that i wouldnt be able to do it. But i have, and i am actually quite impressed with how its turned out. I used the models own nail art pen to do it.
Hope everyone is doing okay if they have exams. And hello to any new readers! Its lovely to know that people read my rambles, i never thought so many people would, so thank you :)



Monday, 11 June 2012

Jumper and bag: New Look,  dungarees: Urban Outfitters, belt: charity shop, necklace: Wired Jewellery

I took my mum to watch Coldplay last night for her birthday and it was absolutely amazing! My mum took most of the photos (after we managed to sneak her camera in) and these are some of the best. We were sitting in the first tier and had an amazing view! There were supported by Rita Ora and Robyn and i really loved Rita Ora's set! The wristbands were pretty awesome and the lighting and props used really made the show.


Elf Cosmetics

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Its a little late coming but here is what i bought from Elf last week.

Left to right: Fair Pink, Twinkle, Matte Finisher, Black 

The only polish i have tried is the Twinkle one, and it looked great on my nails after two coats. The only problem i had was getting it off! It took at least 45 minutes to get off! I really want to try out the matte finisher but just havent had a chance yet. The false lashes are really just for a night out, i like to wear them so that i look more made up than during the day :) And i would really recommend the lip tint. It is very moisturising and gives a lovely colour on my lips.

I am just coming into the thick of my exams now with 5 in the next two weeks so i really need to get down to some solid revision. But then after the 25th i will have completely finished and i cant wait. Some really great things that i am looking forward too. Oh and dont forget to enter my giveaway that finishes next week.


Little Me giveaway

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Back at the end of february i wrote a post (here) about an online shop called Little Me. The creator of these amazing collars is Sophie, and she has a real talent to make such cute items. Unfortunately the shop is closing down! And there is a massive 50% sale going on, so i suggest you go and get one before they all go. The good news is, i got in contact with Sophie to ask if she would be interested in having a little giveaway, and she agreed. I think its a great way to showcase her designs :) so here is what you could win:

This is the [Fearne] Peter Pan Collar and is a detachable white lace. Think im going buy the Helena collar for myself! Although its hard to choose. You can enter the giveaway below. You must be a follower of my blog through GFC. But then you can earn yourself 3 extra entires via twitter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Little red flowers

Friday, 1 June 2012

Just a quick post today on my latest nail art. This is completely inspired (copied) by how Camilla had hers at the bloggers boutique. But i loved it too much to not have a go myself.

Models Own - snow white, Rimmel - rapid ruby, Eyeko - saucy polish

Mine definitely aren't as neat, but i do like the way they look. Had quite a few comments on then because the white background stands out quite a bit. I painted two coats of white first and completely let that dry. Then used the end of a bobby pin and the eyeko polish for the centre, followed by the other end of the pin and the rimmel red for the outer dots. Not that you can really tell much of a difference between the two shades of red unless you really inspect them.

Tomorrow there is a jubilee celebration in our town all morning with stalls up, cakes and buns, music and other entertainment. So i think i will attend that for a bit because a celebration like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity really. I am also going out for a meal with my boyfriend and his family which i am looking forward too.

Tomorrow i have a bit of a treat for you guys, so keep checking back!