Wishlist #2

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

This is my second wishlist. Thought i would include some items that werent clothes as well. A lot of the time my go to shoes are vans and converse, and i love the colour of these so might buy them for autumn. The jumper i saw on Astrid's blog a while ago and i loved how she style it. Its had me lusting after it ever since, and its actually quite a bargain! As i quickly mentioned in my last post i am looking into maybe buying a camera. I have always used my mums for outfit photos and other pictures on my blog, but i will be starting university soon and cant take it with me. I only have a small compact digital which isnt great quality. But i dont know much about cameras and want to try and get a good camera on a budget. Any help would be great!


Autumn's arriving

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I seem to have a habit of looking at random bits of my room when i am making a video, just ignore it haha. Ive definitely been drawn to autumn pieces lately, i think it is one of my favourite seasons in england. My favourite purchase is the studded shirt from zara. It was one of those items i saw and just couldnt leave the shop without. I hope these videos are okay. Personally i think i sound pretty annoying! But it really is the easiest way to show you the things i have bought.

I have been trying out a few new hairstyles lately. Its not really something i have ever done on this blog but would anyone be interested in me showing a few? It will probably just be some photos of the finished product rather than a tutorial because they are simple styles. Let me know because i love to read them on other peoples blogs and watching youtube videos.


Ps. I am looking at buying a camera for uni, because i usually use my mums and still want to be able to take good photos when i am away. I would love some advice on what to get so if anyone is good on cameras then give me a bell.

Review: Lauren's Way Instant Tan

Thursday, 23 August 2012

I got this product in the goody bag from bloggers boutique back in May and hadnt really had a chance to use it until recently. For holidays i tend to use the dove gradual self tanner (an all time favourite) and only use instant tan for nights out.
I was a bit apprehensive at first because it comes out a really dark colour onto the tanning mitt. To quote my boyfriend "youre going to look like an ethiopian!", thats how dark it is. But when it is applied it goes a lovely brown colour, not too orange, and it spreads really evenly. It is a lotion rather than a mousse and i love the consistency of it, it dries really quickly and doesnt leave your skin sticky. Another bonus is that it doesnt smell bad like some tanning products do, i personally liked the smell of it. When it came to washing it off it came off really easily in the shower just using soap and water, and no marks were left on my towel after so i know it all came off.
I would definitely recommend this as a product and might look at purchasing another bottle when its finished.


Wishlist #1

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

This is a random collection of what i would call autumn pieces. I am definitely after a pair of good boots that will last me all the way through winter and i really like the stud detailing on these. Although i also like chelsea boots and have wanted a pair for quite a few years. The underwear is expensive, but a girl can treat herself once in a while right? The top is just pretty. And i am loving the peplum style by topshop at the moment. And ok, i probably own too many nail polishes already, but one more wont do any harm! I bought 'hidden treasure' by topshop not long ago and was a little disappointed with the colour. It is more just plain gold on the nail than a mix with green. So i hope this one is better.
Finally i really want to get my hands on a Kigu onesie. I saw them after a post on Katy's blog and they look ridiculously comfy. Oh and it would be perfect for fancy dress in freshers week at uni. My favourite is the giraffe, but i love the red fox and the kangaroo too!
Not included on here but i also have the Delilah Dust purple druzy necklace on my wishlist, i love the stone that is used on it. There are some new silver charm necklaces in stock too, so check them out and you can use the code 'alicelily' at the checkout to get 10% off!
Might try and make this a more regular feature. I dont seem to do anything regularly on this blog. 

This is where the new chapter begins

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Been a bit absent from the blog this last week, although i have been reading everyones posts still. I got my results last thursday morning and i got the grades i needed! So i am going to study medicine at manchester uni in september. I am really excited because since then i have also found out my accommodation and have been chatting some people who will be on my corridor. My official move date is the 13th which isnt that far away! So i have lots to get sorted before then, including going through all my clothes so there may end up with a lot on ebay. Hope everyone else who got results got what they wanted.

Got a few shots of an outfit i wore last week.

Maxi dress - h&m, top - topshop, converse - office

Frizzy hair day. It actually got too warm to wear a top over the dress later that day, but i like how it looks. Had a lovely weekend with my family and my auntie and uncle who came over from america :) we took a visit to the yorkshire sculpture park and had some lovely sunny weather to wander round the grounds in. Wish i had taken some pictures actually, my mum has a few.
Hope everyone is enjoying the last of the summer holidays.


Sheer turquoise

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Late night post. Really nervous for results day tomorrow. So thought i would show you a nail polish i had on a few days ago.

The quality of the photos isnt great, but the finish on the polish is really lovely. It is from the sheer range at american apparel. Its different to other polishes out there and i havent seen another brand produce one like it yet. They are pretty pricey, but i bought 3 for £17 which doesnt work out too badly.

Right now i am pooing my pants about tomorrow. I know there is nothing i can so but i still worry! I get my results online at 6am, feel like just staying up till that time. Have plans for the rest of the day which involve seeing friends and lots of drinking. If all goes to plan i will be starting at manchester university in september.
To try and distract ourselves from the thought of tomorrow we went shopping in liverpool today. got a few pieces that i will photograph when i next have time. I have started to buy more into autumn clothing now, which i prefer to summer clothing most of the time.


Skinny Love

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Got another outfit post for you. Two in the same week, go me!

Jeans and top - topshop, flip flops - dorothy perkins

I bought these jeans recently from the topshop sale. They are the high waist Kristen jeans and i already had this style in another colour. I think they fit really well and are really comfy. I dont like to buy jeans now unless they are high waisted, think i am going to sell my low rise black skinnies at some point. I know a lot of bloggers prefer skirts and dresses, which i love too, but sometimes i think you cant beat a pair of skinny jeans.

Thought id also show you a few bracelets from my collection, these are the ones i wear quite often. Ive worn my watch everyday since i got it for christmas in 2010. Its actually got a couple of scratches on the face now :( The black one is what my brother bought me back when he went on a school trip to france. I love how delicate the bracelet my best friend got my for my birthday is. It has a small A and a love heart engraved into the silver charm. The colourful ones are mainly from holidays, although i have quite a few friendship style bracelets i have made myself. As well as these i have loads i have bought online which i also love to wear. But i do like to have a story behind some of them.


I want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike

Monday, 13 August 2012

This was the main present that i got for my birthday! I had been looking to buy a bike for a while. I have always had a bike and used to love to ride around, but it got too small for me and so havent been able to for a while. I also quite wanted a bike for when if i go to uni in september. I will be going to manchester and the accommodation is outside of the main teaching area and it is all fairly flat so a bike will be perfect. This is the bike my parents bought me:

It is a Pendleton bike, with a basket! It is in a really lovely colour too :) Its a hybrid bike which is great for the way i will be using it. So far i have been riding too and from work on it, went for a bike ride with my boyfriend and also a picnic. I cant wait to be able to use it everyday. I will have to look after it at university though, will probably have about 10 locks on every part of it so noone can take it! If youre reading this mum, it really was the perfect present!

Quick picture of me on my bike just before we went for a picnic.


Cathedrals and orangeries

Friday, 10 August 2012

Playsuit - miss selfridge, hat - asda, socks - topshop, vans - office

I've worn this playsuit before on my blog, but it looks better on a sunny day. And the hat was a bargain from asda which i bought when i popped in to try some bikinis on. I wore this when we hired a car and took a day trip to Seville. The villa we were in wasnt far from the spanish border so we got up early and took a visit. We couldnt have picked a hotter day though! It was around 44 degrees, which is not the kind of temperature to be walking round a city in. The best part of the day was the visit to the cathedral. If you get a chance to go it really is wonderful. The inside is so vast and some of the stained glass windows are beautiful. You can walk up one of the towers in the corner and you get a view over the whole city.

  Oh and there was this lovely little orangery in the middle.


The winner is..

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sorry this post is a bit late! I arrived back from portugal on monday and have been pretty busy since. I've had a few shifts back at work, been unpacking and sorting things around my room, had catch up with my friends and finally been out to celebrate my 18th birthday! As wonderful as my holiday was its quite nice to be home, and to see some clouds. It was so hot out in portugal. Just before i went away i put up a giveaway to win a pair of earrings from Annarack, and the lucky winner is:

Jessie from Velvet Daisy

Thank you to anyone that entered. I love being able to give something back to my readers :) It is also a great way to get small online businesses more well known.
Which brings me onto another little store i have had the pleasure of working with. Delilah Dust is a jewellery store selling lots of unique pieces. A lot of people will have heard of it already but if not you should definitely check it out here. They have a new collection coming out on 2nd september, and there may be some sneak previews coming to my blog so keep checking back. Antonia who runs the shop has given me a discount code for all my readers to use! So you can start using it now.

Upcoming posts: a quick look at what i got for my birthday (my family and friends spoilt me!)
                           some new nail designs
                           outfit posts from portugal
                           product review



Thursday, 2 August 2012

A collage of some of the latest snaps from our holiday.

1. On a beach in the afternoon. Fact: im not a huge fan of beaches, having sand everywhere gets to me!
2. Walking back from town in the evening, wearing a dress from h+m.
3. Spent the day at a waterpark called Aqualand. It was great fun and im hoping my disposable pictures from there turn out well.
4. My beautiful mum on the beach. Love her!
5. Getting a piggy back from the boyfriend :)
6. All the foreign office buildings in Seville, they were really pretty outside.
7. Me and simon in the old part of town. (shorts and top - topshop)
8. Walking round a small village we visited in my maxi dress. (miss selfridge)