Monday, 30 January 2012

Saw this over at Miss Indie who has done the photo a day in january too and thought it looked like a great idea. I dont really take my camera around with me enough so this will be a great little project. I also cant wait to try and interpret what pictures you can take for each of the different days. I am then hoping to post them up each weekend to show you how ive done, this is when i really wish i had an iphone with instagram on! Anyone else going to have a go at this??



Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bought the macbook pro i had been saving up for for ages yesterday, and i love it! It will probably take a bit of time to get used to seeing as i have always used pcs, but i think the way that macs work are great. I have to use to laptops until i get all my data transferred off my old one. Hoping it wont be too long though then i can sell this one and work solely off my mac. I have been playing around with the settings and all the different apps which are amazing! Will probably have so many questions when i cant work out how to do things will have to go back into the store and sort things out. Meanwhile here is what i wore today:

Skirt from H&M, top from topshop

Not been anywhere today so just a comfy outfit and messy hair. But my granny and grandad are coming for tea and we are having a roast. So i had best go help out really. 


Crosses and females

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Somehow i ended up shopping in Leeds on sunday, when i should have been revising. But whilst i was there i bought these lovely things. It was still 20 percent off so they came to a decent price in the end as well. All of these are from topshop. The two tops are from a brand called Realitee and i couldnt decide between them, so got both. They are really easy to wear and go with the kind of things i already have. And these shoes.. they are so comfy! And the white soles just totally sold them to me. One exam left now, and then the next thing is getting my macbook. Excited!


* 90S GRUNGE *

Sunday, 22 January 2012

These are all things on my wishlist at the moment. Im trying to really think before i buy things 'do i really want this?' 'will i use it enough?' because then i save myself a bit of money. But topshop really is testing me having 20% off! 
Ive got a busy weekend of revision and work but am feeling fairly positive about the exams next week. Got the worst one out the way this week. Hope everyone elses exams are going well - good luck. Havent really got much else to say because its been a quiet week. Just cant wait now till i will be blogging off my macbook!

Purple & white

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Painted my nails all dotty this week. The base is nails inc/saville row, and the dots are models own/snow white. 

I had one exam on monday which went better than the one last week so things are looking up. But what i am most excited about at the moment is that i am getting a macbook at the end of january! I have saved up for quite a while now and finally have enough so am going to get to an apple store after my exams. If i went before then i would just be playing on it and get no revision done!
Hope everyone is doing okay if they have exams.


Polka dots

Thursday, 12 January 2012

(crappy background)

These are the leggings that i mentioned a few days ago. Now i love the colour of them and the spots and seams are all done in velvet. But im a bit unsure on the length. Most things i wear with tights or socks, dont have much this length and dont really have many shoes that would suit something like this. So i dont know whether to keep them or not.. Help?! 

Hope everyone is having a good week. This one has gone so fast for me! But its been a good one. Just need to get my exams done and out the way over these next couple of weeks and then i will be able to relax a bit more.


This was a good week

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

This week i have: 
Had my hair cut, 
Watched many films, 
Sat a general studies exam (very badly),
Ordered some very cool leggings,
Done quite a bit of revision,
Celebrated my mums 50th birthday.

I cant wait till the leggings arrive, i will show you them when they do, they are a bit different. Oh, and did i mention i passed my driving test? I am a little bit excited! Just need to hopefully sort a car out. Thing is i will probably be leaving for uni in september so dont really want to buy a car, any ideas?


omg she is amazing

Got '500 Days of Summer' on dvd for xmas and watched it with my brother over the weekend. Oh how i wish i could be Zooey Deschanel.


Hear those crocodiles ticking 'round the world

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Not the greatest 'outfit post' seeing as you cant really see my outfit. But the photos where you can didnt come out all that well, so you'll have to make do with my face. The shirt is from urban renewal and i bought it a while ago, become a pretty key piece for me, i love it. The grey hoody is from american apparel. You cant see it very well but my necklace is the cutest thing. Its 3 little vintage chairs in gold and silver, wish i knew what shop it was from, because it was given to me as a present. Is it bad that i am more likely to post frequently when i have revision to do?!


Goodbye 2011.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Havent posted in a few week, LOADS to catch up on! I've had an amazing christmas and new year with all my family and friends. I got some lovely presents from everyone and have loads to spend in the shops over the next few months.

Xmas eve meal 

Family photo on xmas day 

Our walk we do every xmas, minus the snow this year

The oldest and the youngest

Four photos from the christmas period. We always have all the my dads side of the family round to ours on xmas day. They come all the way from london and new york so i hardly get to see them :( And then a few days later we go over to my aunties and have what is essentially a second christmas with my mums side of the family. More presents and enough food to feed an army!
For NYE i had a party at my house. My friend took all the photos so i dont actually have any yet. But i had such a great time, really enjoyed the night and great to see it through with all my friends. Did leave me feeling a bit worse for wear the next morning though.

Last year for me had its ups and its downs:

I got my tattoo, an infinity symbol on my hip, back in february.

 Played a great season of cricket, which i bet many of you dont know i did.

Spent easter in norfolk visiting family down there.

 Spent a wonderful few weeks in the Isles of Scilly with my family and my grandad, these are just a few photos.

I managed to get all As in my as-levels, but now that i have got an offer from manchester (and hopefully others soon) i need to get all As in my a-levels too. So im going to have to work really hard during my exams.

As for this year i hope to: 

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday, and all the best for 2012.