Pumpkin carving

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Okay so it isnt halloween just yet i know.. But i bought this pumpkin in sainsburys this weekend and just couldnt wait to carve it! Its something i have done every year with my family. We all design a pumpkin, draw it on and them carve it out. We then put them on out doorsteps with little tea lights inside.
Went for the standard scary face this year. So here are some pictures to illustrate:

 The design

 And the tops off!

 In progress..

 It all got a bit messy.

 The finished product

I have a couple of halloween nights out coming up this week so need to get some costumes sorted. I do love this time of year! Anyone else carve pumpkins?



Wednesday, 24 October 2012

When i was home last weekend i had the chance to bake again. Its something i miss when i am at uni because the halls kitchen isnt really the best for baking. I dont think i have ever made brownies before, and although they are a simple thing to make, i was pretty impressed with how mine turned out. I used the recipe from a childrens cookbook and decided not to add nuts to them. I have to say, they went down well when i bought some back with me to uni :) What i really want to try out is some parkin for bonfire night!


Nail art

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thought i would share with you some of my latest nail art attempts. I tend to go through patches of inspiration and do several designs at once. I did post a while ago about these so some of them you may have seen before. I do them all on nail art wheels that i got from ebay for about £2, and use my collection of polishes and some nail art tools.

L-R: candy stripes, 'tribal' pattern, butterfly nail (inspired by Erin who always shows amazing nail designs), two halloween designs, mini cats (inspired by Camilla

 L-R: my attempt at the infamous leopard print, stripes in black (not keen on the colours in this but like the idea), polka dots, union jack for the olympics, dangling spider (this wasnt a great attempt either)

The final picture has my other nail wheel in which i have photographed before. I find painting my nails pretty therapeutic and love trying out new designs. Might do a couple of tutorials if anyone wants to know how some of these are done.
Cant wait to do some full sets of nails for halloween, been taking so much inspiration from blogs, tumblr and twitter so have lots of ideas ready!

Minnie dress

Monday, 22 October 2012

I posted about the items i had picked out of the topshop sale last week, and thought i would show you one in an outfit post today. It doesnt photograph that well and looks much better irl. But this is a little dress by Annie Greenabelle for topshop.

This is the first time i have done an outfit post in my uni room. With a bit of rearranging of the furniture i can set up my tripod to get photos against a blank wall. My face wasnt cooperating in these photos though hence why it is just pictures of the dress (although thats all that matters!). I would pair this with my large parka coat from topshop that i got last year because its definitely too chilly to wear on its own.
The last photo is a quick snap of how i have been doing my hair quite a lot lately. I have left it curly and clipped it back with some large jaw grip clips from boots. Its a really easy way to get my fringe back out of my face without just tucking it behind my ear which gets a bit boring.


Stacking rings

Saturday, 20 October 2012

This week i was sent these beautiful stacking rings by Delilah Dust. It is a set of 4 silver rings, each one is a different thickness and has a different patterning. They go really well all stacked on one finger or spread across and worn separately.

I have bought a few items from Antonia's store before (they make great presents!) and i have always been impressed. The postage is free and the items always come quickly and are packaged nicely. This is the kind of thing which always makes me want to go back to a store :) I have my eye on some of the newest necklaces with small pendants and the stone necklaces are really eye catching, especially this rainbow druzy necklace
I would check out the shop blog because they are holding a fantastic giveaway at the moment in which you could win a voucher and jewellery from Delilah Dust. Also follow on twitter because there are often some great offers up on there which are hard to resist! 


Daisystreet jumper

Thursday, 18 October 2012


 Jumper - c/o daisystreet

This post is quite belated because i actually received this jumper about 3 weeks ago! But i havent had a chance to photograph it since i didnt have a decent camera. Its from Daisystreet who are an online fashion store. I started shopping there because they do great heels for nights out at really cheap prices! But they also have some great items of clothing too.
I was a little disappointed with this jumper because it is smaller than i thought it would be. Its a size 8 which is what i usually get but the sleeves are too short (i have rolled them up slightly in the photos). But for £20 and free delivery you cant go wrong really! And the inside is really soft! I have my eyes on these boots at the moment from Daisystreet. They are absolute dupes for the office pair.


Topshop sale picks

Monday, 15 October 2012

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Got an email about the topshop sale this morning and i know how fast things can sell out so i got my order in early! The first top is the kind of thing i wear really often, and i love the elbow pads on this so this was added straight to my basket. And it was a bargain at £10. This drop waist dress will look great layered up for winter, im thinking with thick grey tights, a cardigan and a big parka coat. Both 3 and 4 go quite well together i think and this tee will be a staple in my wardrobe. At £40 i would never pay full price, but £20 is more reasonable. The dress is a bit different and i have been looking at getting some slightly smarter clothes since i will need to wear them during my placements at hospital. Not sure if this is a little too posh though.
What are your picks from the sale?


Foggy morning

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ive been absent for a while from here, although i have still been reading everyones blogs and keeping up-to-date on twitter. Uni has been really busy for me with both the work i have to do and all the nights out! But this week my new camera arrived :D and i have been playing around with it and getting used to the settings a little. I love it already.
I am back home this weekend so get to see all my family and friends which has been really lovely so far. Above are a few photos from this morning because it was incredibly foggy and sunny at the same time which turned out quite beautiful.