New shades of winter

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Okay so when boots give you a £5 voucher for No7 its hard to resist ok! The nail varnishes were 3 for 2 and then £5 off. So they only cost me £8.50 rather than £20.25. Took me a while to decide on shades and my boyfriend ending up getting rather fed up but i am very happy with my choice of colours. I went for the darker palette, with the exception of the teal i guess. Only used 'Temptress' so far which hasnt chipped for the last 4 days.

(L - R) Totally Teal, Betty Blues, Temptress

IRL the colour is a fair bit darker, but the flash has made it much brighter. Will probably post a couple of pics of the other colours when i next do my nails, if people want to see them that is.
When on holiday i also bought a ring. Its silver with some detailing and then an amber stone in it. Its not photographing very well so i dont have a picture of it. On the subject of rings i really want the owl one from topshop! Oh and the skull, and swan and stag :)

Had a look in about 3 different H&M for the rings like the stag ones and couldnt find any anywhere. But these rings from TS are lovely. Wouldnt go over £10 for on but i think the swan is good for £6.50.

ps. i changed the title just for today. a little festive halloween.

Hello again

Back from a lovely break in the Isle Of Wight. Some snaps :) will do a bigger post later on when i have more time. Except i cant forsee having much of it in the near future.

All things snug

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I love winter cause it gives you a chance to wrap up warm and an excuse to drink hot chocolate curled up by the fire So this weeks pick is an accessory that you just cant go without. Ive had scarves every other year but this year i think im going to embrace the snood. They look so snug for these cold months which is just perfect. Was looking around and there are some great ones on zara and topshop but F&F at Tesco hit the spot. A slouchy knitted snood in brown (or i would call mink), neutral shade for this season. They come in other colours and styles too. AND they are only £5, so you can buy more than one.

What do you think?
Oh and if there isnt another post this week its because i just havent had time and am currently in the Isle of Wight with my boyfriend and his family. So i will post asap. Cheers for reading guys.

Please excuse me

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Okay so this is weird.. im not actually here and i typed this several days ago. How clever blogger is being able to schedule posts! I am currently in the Isle of Wight and its more likely to be rainy than sunny but you never know. Thought id do a post with some things about me.

Four things i love:
- My boyfriend
- Cold winter evenings with hot chocolate watching a film
- Christmas with my family
- Buying new clothes

Four things i hate:
- Doing badly in tests and exams
- Losing things (like my phone)
- Bad hair days

Four things always on me:
- Phone
- iPod
- Purse
- Keys

Four things in my room:
- Double bed
- Hanging rail with my clothes on
- Dolls house
- A large old trunk

Four items i love to wear:
- My new topshop peter pan collar dress
- Chunky knits
- Skinny jeans
- Rings

Four things on my desk:
- Project notebook
- Framed photos (me, my sister and brother//my boyfriend and me)
- A stack of magazines
- My laptop

All images are from

See you later.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Very early tomorrow morning i am going to the Isle of Wight for my half term break with my boyfriend and his family. Ive scheduled a couple of posts for the week ahead and then will post all about it when i get back. Ive never been there before so this should be an experience, not looking forward to the travelling though. Me and cramped cars dont go well together. Im going to nip to the shops for a few magazines and some sweeties to keep me going.
Im fully packed which is a start, although every 2 seconds i remember something else that i need to put in!
Just included a photo of the Isle of Wight from google. Posts without pictures look odd you see.

Oh and its been 11 months today for me and my boyfriend which is quite something! Only one month off a year now.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Okay so i changed my mind about the shorts, returned them, and bought a dress instead. Peter pan collar rose print dress from TS. I am actually in love with it!

So i know its not an outfit post.. buts its better than nothing. I will get round to an outfit post im just a bit rubbish. And very busy. Whilst i was out i also bought a birrrrd ring from primark. I am starting to become a bit of a hoarder of rings but that cant be a bad thing, right?

The picture is really lousy just like all my others. I could really do with some sort of class to learn how to take photos properly, lighting an all that. But hey, we cant have everything. So this is only £2 from primark and is a double ring. The one that goes round my finger is quite tight and will probably end up making my finger go green if i wear it all day. So i'll avoid that. Finally i got round to buying a new eyeliner, well two infact. I lost mine a bit ago and have only just got round to buying a new one. Im not great with make-up and dont wear a lot but i love to define my eyes. I bought 'Flash Eyeliner' from Rimmel which looked great, and even better on. I also quickly picked up a Natural Collection 'Eye Lines' so i can carry that around and it doesnt matter if i loose it.

- I am going away this half term to the Isle of Wight w/ my boyfriend and his family. Really looking forward to it and hoping the weather turns out nice. I still need to pack which i should be doing right now to be honest. I also have to do a few things before i leave: 1. put in my order for asos before the discount code runs out 2. photograph and write up some items for ebay (ipod nano and speakers if anyone is interested?) 3. do some blog posts to schedule for whilst im away. Im really falling behind with ideas. My blog seems to be stuck in a rut and im trying to get out whilst still being me. What do people want to read? Want to see? Maybe if i know that people enjoy reading it i can find writing it a bit easier. I envy bloggers that make it seem so easy.

Pick Of The Week

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Topshop - Long Sleeved Peter Pan Tunic

01. Okay so i spent a bit of time trying to create an image with each of the peter pan collar tunics in but its turned out a bit rubbish. Ah well. You can just have a look on the website. Peter pan collars is a trend that i am in love with right now. These tunics are so simple but come in a great palette of autumn-winter colours. Think i may go for the other one they sell at topshop though - couple of pounds more expensive but in a lovely rose floral print. But these are my pick of the week because they are such a staple item you cant not have one.

02. Follow five: Coury, Lily, Sarah, Irene, Bonnie

B is for Barry M

Monday, 18 October 2010

Ok so i admit i have just followed the crowds. But you cant resist a new nail polish like this! Especially after seeing that it actually work on other peoples blogs. Yes, its Barry M Instant Nail Effect. I applied a base coat of Rimmel silver, which i have had for a while and rarely used, rather than my previous purple since that was too dark to show through.

I then put a layer of Barry M Instant Nail Effects over the top which cracks as it dries to give this great effect. This is the final effect:

I definitely recommend buying this! I want to layer it over so many colours at the moment. And Barry M have a 2 for £5 offer on in Boots now so you can buy 2 more cheaply just in case it runs out. Happy times. I also realised whilst taking the photos that for the past 2 months my camera has been on a sunset mode! No wonder it hasnt always been focusing properly.
Today i also bought the shorts which i have been lusting over for a while. They only had one 8 left in store and the button at the front had come off so i will have to sew that back on. But then my sister has said she will take a few photos. First outfit photos i guess. That post should be up in a few days or as soon as i have a few spare moments to do it all.

11/10 - 16/10

Sunday, 17 October 2010

It got a bit chilly outside
Chemistry w/ Megan

Hard study in the library

'Chinese Johnny'

Lockers line the walls
Card games in our free time
A bit of fun in biology
Photos at a dinner
Back at mine with the bestie
Old times with the Uncle.

Sorry about the picture overload and the slight absense from blogging. I just havent got round to posting lately and havent had a chance to read any of your lovely blogs! Would be great if you could comment me some of the best posts form this week so i could have a look.

Pick Of The Week

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ok so this is week two of my new feature. Its going to be another Zara item, i think they have hit this season perfectly. The colours in this hat are stunning and the hat itself is just to cute. Wasnt really sure about it at first but i mean how can you say no really.. perfect accessory for this winter.

Will you be having this in your wardrobe?

Oh i do love october

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Suppose we are about a third of the way into the month now so its a bit late to say im looking forward to it i guess. Its the time of year when you start to have those lovely crisp mornings that turn out really sunny. So i really need to start buying some more woolies! Primark seems to be my best bet at the moment since ive seen a few people sporting hats and gloves from there although the one in Huddersfield just isnt that good.
I managed to make it through the weekend in one piece but it was hard work and i ache all over from it. No pain no gain i guess. My hips and shoulders are bruised and dont make the most attractive sight.

Ive been looking around for bargains at the moment since i dont have a lot of money, and im saving up to make my boyfriends birthday special. So after finishing my first aid course today i went into town before going home. Two charity shops, a vintage store, topshop and primark later i came out with these.

 Mittens, 3 rings and a cardigan. All for £13. I love the colours in this cardi, especially the red! Will have to wear it with blacks i think. Anyone got any other ideas of how to wear it? I also just realised that i was going to do my pick of the week today, but what with having this post im going to save it unitl tomorrow, hope nobody minds.

Duke Of Edinburgh

Friday, 8 October 2010

I MUST BE CRAZY! I have signed up to do the DoE award this year and our first camp is this weekend. This one is only for one night but the real thing is 3 nights and 4 days walking. I have never camped before in my life so this will be an experience. We have to carry a 65ltr back pack and be completely self sufficient - which means no shopping! It has meant that my mum spent a ridiculous amount of money on buying me things so i would be comfortable and safe.

This is my generally oversized back pack for the next two days. Apologies for the bad picutre quality but the lighting is really bad at this time. More than likely i wont blog over the next two days but ill get something up on monday. My boyfriend has said that he'd take pictures for an outfit post which could be quite helpful seeing as self timer just wasnt working for me. If the weather picks up a bit we may be able able to get some snaps outside before it sets in for the rest of the year no doubt.

Hope everyone is well. Welcome to the two new followers aswell! You make me all excited. Thank you.


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Think im going to start doing a pick of the week. Add something slightly more regular to my blog until i get round to doing some outfit posts, which will happen! I will choose one item (although i doubt ill be able to stick to just one item most weeks) that has caught my eye whilst ive been online shopping, or just shopping for that matter. They wont always be extravegant pieces since that isnt particularly my style but sometimes something a bit different gets my attention. Since its now a tuesday night i'll do it on a tuesday. Seems reasonable. So this week is plain and simple but so gorgeous.

The beauties are from zara and i think they will go with just about anything. Velvet is a material that is starting to come back in. Dont think i will be brave enough to wear it in some of my key pieces yet so i think ill start on the shoes.

In other parts of my life i am wuite looking forward to the opening of the pool and fitness complex only 2 minutes from where i live! Then i will have no excuse to do a bit more exercise. I will probably get a membership and go along to a few of the classes with mates after college. Can also use the gym and pool as often as i like then, a little luxury.

one month on.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Okay so i've had kittens now for just over a month. They are 3 months old and they are the most adorable things ever! They are still pretty small and wont be fully grown till at least february. Ive taken hundreds of picutres since we got them and so they kind of tell a little story. Ive picked a few out to share with you for this post. I apologise in advance for the not so great quality, they arent the easiest thing to photograph!

When we first got them i took pictures of them doing just about anything. After that i would get my camera out at certain events - like their first time outside. I think i was more nervous than they were! And when Dylan sat and watched the tv whilst my brother played on the wii. And when i came upstairs to find zebedee, the fully black kitten, in our lights washing bag. Its those moments where i need to take a picture. Hope everyone has had a good weekend.