A Rather Long Absence

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ok, so you may have noticed i haven't been around for well.. quite a while. Since coming back to uni after christmas and starting semester 2 things got a lot busier and I found myself coming back in the afternoon and having a huuuge list of new blogs. Which was great, because i love reading them all! But it did mean it took time away from other things. So I decided to stop.
Sorry this post has been so long coming. The whole possible 'end of google reader' and switch to bloglovin prompted me to write something. I really hope that during the holidays and going into summer I can get back to writing a few posts because i do miss it. Especially the inspiration i got from so many peoples blogs. I have followed everyone i can on bloglovin so that i can still read all your blogs in the future :) in the meantime i am still on twitter and instagram.
Hope everyone is well and i really hope i have a bit more time in the future!