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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I get so distracted when i am on study leave, i spend my time refreshing twitter, reading blogs, looking for outfit inspiration, taking photos and eating, oh and occasionally revising. So here are some photos of the outfit i had on today.

Top - topshop, Skirt - handmade, Socks - topshop, Shoes - vans

Our cat, zebedee, sneaked into the last photo. I dont think he is very well atm :( Its got a bit cooler today because the clouds are back, after that amazing bit of weather that we had in england! I hope that it goes back to that for the summer holidays.

If you follow me on twitter you will have seen that yesterday my tickets to see Coldplay arrived. I actually cant wait. I am taking my mum to see them for her birthday and have been waiting since january when i bought the tickets. Less than two weeks left now.

Also i made an order from Elf on monday night and the package has already come this morning, which is really quick delivery. This is the first time i have ordered from them even though i have had some of their products bookmarked for ages. I made use of the 20% off code that i got at the Bloggers Boutique and have bought some false eyelashes, nail polishes and a lip tint. I will get a post up on them soon. The lip tint i have on in the picture is Elf's 'Moisturising Lip Tint Spf 8' in rose which is one that came in the goody bag from the bloggers boutique.


Bloggers Boutique

Sunday, 27 May 2012

As most of you will know, since i went on about it enough, i attended Bloggers Boutique yesterday. It was run by the lovely Shore, Shope and Amy and was held at The Drift bar down in london. Living up north meant it was a bit of a travel to get there, but my boyfriend and i went down the day before so it was a nice couple of days.

The event itself was fantastic! After a bit of confusion on how to find the venue (walking up and down the street a few time) it started with a welcome from the girls who ran the event and a chance to chat with some of the girls who were there. Everyone there was so lovely and i got chatting with DreaMantensoLucyEmily and Marsha and many more people. There were talks and tutorials from brands like My Face cosmetics, Motel Rocks, Filthy Gorgeous and others. I loved the polishes from Filthy Gorgeous and had my nails done by them for free! I also am really looking forward to the release of the new collection of clothes by Motel Rocks which were on display at the event.
*photo heavy*

The 3 event organisers: Shore, Amy, Shope 

Filthy Gorgeous nail polishes 

The gorgeous Marsha 

My lunch of potato and sweet potato wedges 

Emily - who has created a lovely illustration for the event here 

Having my nails done 

Motel Rocks clothing 

Lucy, Drea, Mantenso 

Me and Mantenso

Me and Drea

At the end of the day we were all given some amazing goody bags filled with so much stuff. It had nail polishes, eye shadows, face masks, earrings false lashes and so much more! One thing i cant wait to try again is the Laurens Way instant tan, which i sampled at the event and loved the colour and shine it gave. 

A massive thank you to the event organisers and i cant wait for the next one!


☼ ☼ ☼

Thursday, 24 May 2012

 Top - urban outfitters, Shorts - M+S, Sunglasses - urban outfitters

Another exam down! Only 5 more to go. These photos were taken yesterday in this perfect weather we seem to be having. It must have been at least 23 degrees round where i live, which makes it pretty hard to stay inside and revise. My sister is also on study leave so we took a trip down to town around lunch time and went to a lovely little cafe. We also bought some bits from wilkinsons, i cant seem to help but buy little home things in there! In the evening we had our first bbq of the year. It was a delicious mismash of what we had in the fridge and freezer.

The shorts in the photos are literally my new favourite thing. They are a great fit (aka. covering my whole bum) and i love the style of them. I had always wanted some levis but they just never seem to fit right, these are the perfect alternative.

In case you hadnt heard me go on about it enough, it bloggers boutique on saturday and now that i have that exam out of the way i am even more excited. I think i have decided on what i am wearing but will still have to bring several outfits to london with me just incase i change my mind! I am getting the train down tomorrow with my boyfriend. The trains are gonna be pretty horrible and stuffy, so i really hope the journeys okay. Still need to decide how to do my nails..

Keep enjoying this lovely weather! If it carries on like this i may have to get the bikini and paddling pool out haha.


Abstract nails

Monday, 21 May 2012

Polishes: Models Own - snow white, fuzzy peach, lilac dream. Eyeko - punk polish. No.7 - betty blues.

This idea comes from Erins blog where she linked to a video on how to do them, and i decided i needed to give them a go. Ive not done nail art in a while so was looking forward to doing this. And i actually think it turned out pretty well. I had to improvise a bit, didnt completely follow the video because the nail varnish didnt spread as well as i thought it would when i used the acetone. But i like the colourful mess i seem to have created. Might do these again before i go down to london for the bloggers boutique.


My week

Sunday, 20 May 2012

1. This is a picture from earlier this week. Im currently having a bit of a blogging hiatus, got exams to revise for and have generally been pretty busy. But i will try get some posts in when i can because i hate being away for too long!

2. This week i have: taken an exam, worked lots of shifts, done my weekly volunteering at the hospital, been to zumba, finished college FOREVER and watched cricket. I am now on study leave and only have to go into college for my exams. Its pretty surreal that my two years at college are over!

3. I painted my nails today following Erins latest nail art post and they have turned out surprisingly well. I will get a post up about them soon, there is a picture over on twitter though.

4. On wednesday i have one exam, then quite a gap till my next ones so i have plenty of time to revise. But i am more excited about Bloggers Boutique on saturday! I am getting the train down with my boyfriend the day before so that we can make a bit of trip of it. I still havent decided what to wear! Anyone else going know what they are wearing? Cant wait to put faces to blogs that i have been following for a while.

Hope everyone has had a good week.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nail polish - Models Own 'Soda Pop Pink' and 'Ibiza Mix'
Playsuit - Jack Wills
Coral Dress - Miss Selfridge
Socks and earrings - Topshop
Satchel - Zatchels

A bit of a wishlist at the moment. I love the blues and the corals from this colour palette, i wish summer would hurry up. This blog is a great form of procrastination to get away from revision (bad idea seeing as i really need to revise.) But as exams begin to start i may be a bit quiet on here and twitter. There isnt much to talk about when all i am doing is sitting at my desk writing notes out!

I do have a few posts that i would like to do though. One is a holidays post, similar to that of Niinas because i really enjoyed reading that. I think i may also do a question & answer video. So if anyone has anything to ask then pop it in the comments below or tweet me, if i have enough i will give that a go.



Sunday, 6 May 2012

If you follow Vicky over at Heartshaker then this may be a little like deja vu. But i couldnt not share it with others. Daisy jewellery (which is a shop i had never heard of before) have a collection out called Vintage Daisy. Its no secret that i absolutely love daisies. They remind me of sunny days, parks and making daisy chains. This collection is really simple but unique.

All the pieces are made form gold and silver, so are priced quite highly. Definitely not something to buy on a wim. But maybe something to treat myself too sometime. I think the studs are probably my favourite piece from the collection. I also think the bumble bee necklace (seen on their site) is absolutely adorable!


ps. does anyone know how i can get rid of the 'shadow border' which seems to appear round my pictures?