Thursday, 31 March 2011


I seriously need a pair of red vans in my life right now.

Its always better when we're together

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Dress - Portobello market, Coat - topshop, Boots - Office, Necklaces - Assorted.

The weather hasnt been as good recently as it was last week but i decided to get an outfit post done outside. Thanks again to my lovely brother who takes the photos for me. I hate how awkward i tend to look in them though! In the first picture is my cat, Zebedee, all black and totally adorable. I wore this to college today and quite like this outfit, really started wearing more skirts and dresses (developing an aversion to trousers). I also did my nails using Gem's Tuesday tips. I used the pin in the rubber of a pencil style, and although my left nails are noticeably neater they turned out pretty well. I have a base coat of Barry M mushroom and No7 turquoise on top for the dots. This weekend i am looking forward to seeing my boyfreind and going to watch Hamlet performed by the amateur theatre group in town, I also get to see my best friend who i havent seen in a while.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Hat - h&m, Jumper - topshop, Shorts and top - rokit

I really want this whole outfit! The colours are perfect. Pastel greens, blues and peaches. I dont actually own any hats, dont reall think they suit me that much, but i can make an exception for this one. The list of things i want for this spring summer is ever increasing which isnt good, especially on the budget i have. A girl can dream. What are your key pieces for this s/s?

Economic downturn, you can get a job.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Apologies for it being a day late. I have used to pick the winner of my giveaway and the winner is Klee from Hello World (i will email you too.) Thank you to everyone who enetered, it means alot knowing people read my blog :)
I have a long shift at work tomorrow which means i have to get all my work done today for tomorrow and tuesday. Today is going to be a long day, ah well. Going to catch up on everyones blogs first then crack on. Think we are going to have a roast dinner so am looking forward to that! The title is from Isles by Little Comets.

Oh and blogger seems to be playing up, my images just appear as little dots..

You never know what lies ahead

Friday, 25 March 2011

Inspiration post.

Completely over exhausted lately. The weather has been gorgeous but its only meant i have done more and slept less. This post late on a friday night probably isnt helping. Thank to everyone who entered my giveaway and i will annouce who won tomorrow so check back if you entered, although i will try email. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and this weather keeps up.

F is for Festival

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Leeds 2011 Line up

Totally major excited for Leeds Fest this year. I have a weekend ticket and noone in my family seems to quite understand my reaction to the line up. I mean mcr, muse, 30stm, two door cinema club, enter shikari, noah and the whale, the vaccines, the naked and famous, bombay bicycle club, panic at the disco and cage the elephant. Its like a dream.
I also cant wait to sort out outfits for the three days! Going to be wellies, shorts, tights, tops, hats and lots of jewellry. The weather best be good. Like it has been lately. Who else is going this year? Anyway, enough ramble about Leeds fest.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Thought i would do another interview for you guys. This one is with Rose from rosedl. I absoloutely love her blog. Its one of those ones who makes me happy when it comes up on my blogroll. She has great style and what she writes about is great to read. So read on to find out a bit more about her and her blog:

What/who inspired you to start a blog?
Well, I was reading blogs before i started my own, and i have to say i was inspired by LLYMLRS. I saw a lot of blogs through Lookbook/chictopia and i stumbled across hers and thought OMG this is amazing. And then decided to start my own.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?
Keep at it! It may feel like your getting no where at the start and no one is even reading your blog but they are and they will! Keep at it and it's not all about the followers and page views. Do it for yourself if anything.

Do you think it was important for you to gain followers?
No i don't think it is! I still read blogs that don't have many followers, it doesn't mean there not good? I think obviously it's nice to have followers but it's not all about that. I blog for myself i feel like it's a nice thing to do and as a sort of diary for college mostly. It actually really good for stress relief (i sound like an old women right now) but when I'm stressed with college ect i take 5 minutes to blog and let it all out!

Your studying art right now, is that what you want to continue with in the future?
Yes, I think so. Well I'm more in to Fashion/Textiles but i definitely want to go in to the whole art industry in the future!

I love your hair! Have you always had it that long?
Aww thank you! And yeah. When i was younger it was always long and was almost down to my bum. But then when i was in year 4/5 my Mum cut it all off in to a bob... Never been so upset in my life! I was so attached to my hair hahaha. Then in year 8 i went through my whole emo stage and got a fringe and short layers so it was shorter then. But I've been growing it ever since. 

Whose is your favourite blog to read? And why?
I read SO many blogs and follow so many, so it's hard to list them all but the ones i love reading at the moment are.
woah okay sorry for the long list! I hope i haven't left anyone out. I do read so many i kind off forget haha

What’s your favourite high street store to buy from?
The usual, Topshop H&M Urban outfitters. I'm really loving H&M at the moment the spring clothes are all lovely so far!

You’re selling quite a few things on ebay at the moment, any tips for other people who want to sell?
Oh that reminds me i need to put some more things up hahha! Ermm I don't really know I'm a new ebayer but I'd say just go for it! It’s a great way to make some money. And it's nice to know people will get wear out of clothes you don't wear anymore yourself (sorry for the shit answer there)

How long do you think you will continue your blog for?
Oh I don't know! I haven't though about that. Probably a long time! Till i go Uni maybe? I'm not sure... I think i may have to stop sooner or later as college work is getting harder! Hopefully it's no time soon :)

When i am with you, I am happy

Sunday, 20 March 2011

All images from

I am all out of perfume and really need some more. I have had Nina before and its definitely one for summer, but ever since i bought Daisy i dont think i can go back! I love the scent of it and the look of the bottle. But is it really worth it? The other two are ones i have tried out in store and like. Both quite old stock but i dont think that matters. What are your favourite perfumes?
After a pretty laid back weekend i have a pretty stressful week. Full day in college every day. Stats mock tomorrow. Biology written coursework on wednesday and chemistry assessed practicals. So i had best get back to revising graphs and probabilitys and equations.

white and silver

Friday, 18 March 2011

Blouse - topshop, feather earrings - fashionology, ear cuffs - etsy

It actually feels like spring is on its way! The weather today has been gorgeous and i was totally over dressed for it. I really dont understand British weather sometimes. Anyway. This little cropped blouse is gorgeous, its so summery and the daisy detail is to die for. I also think that summer = silver jewelry. I tend to go for gold in winter so i need a few more items now its sunny. I love these dangly feather earrings and am really tempted to just go for them, they arent too expensive. Everyone is also raving about these ear cuffs at the moment and i see why. They are perfect, enough said.
Oh, and i bought Leeds Fest tickets! Sooooo happy.
And dont forget to enter my giveaway, ending in one week.

'You are the only exception'

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Rounded corners are taking over my blog. Cardigan - H&M, Denim playsuit - Warehouse, Top - American Apparel

I wore this yesterday but didnt get round to editing the photos till today. Whenever i take outfit photos they always end up looking really washed out, any tips? Also, ways to not look awkward in front of a camera?
This outfit was inspired by the slightly warmer and sunnier weather we seemed to be having. I wasnt going without tights just yet but a cute playsuit and thin short sleeved tee felt fairly spring like. And then it had to be cloudy, misty, rainy, foggy and everything else all day! I wasnt best pleased. Still i think i am going to get alot of wear out of this playsuit this summer, its been sitting in my wardrobe for long enough.

I now have a ton of work to do. Pshychology was cancelled today so i came home early, yay. But i havent done any of the work set which is in for tomorrow, oops. I also have a billion and one maths past papers to do so i had best get cracking. Hope everyone enjoys their wednesday.

He is my whole world

Sunday, 13 March 2011

 Pretty picture from weheartit, means nothing but looks nice.

This weekend has been all about the little things. I have done a bit of work, sorted my finances, written a letter to the GP, tidied cupboards and draws and played with my cat.
I will be applying to unis in about 6 months and that is pretty scary! Well it seems it at the moment. I am having to do a lot of preparation seeing as i want to study medicine. I have been on day courses, done voluntary work, secured placements in hospitals and still looking to do more. Right now things are going okay but i can tell it will all get pretty stressful. Little overview of my life for you there.
Whilst sorting my money i have come to the conclusion that after my Leeds Fest ticket has been bought i am going to blow the rest on a s/s wardrobe, and sell some of the clothes i have. A big clear out is long overdue.

Friday, 11 March 2011



photos: weheartit

My life has been pretty crazy these past few days, good and bad. The bad news: i lost one of my cats yesterday, he was killed by a car and i found him in the morning. He was called Dylan and was 9 months old. We all miss him.So there have been many tears but things will be ok. On the brighter side i got my results yesterday and managed AAB which i am happy with so that made my day a bit better. Sorry to bother you all with everyday nonsense rather that fashion stuff (not that i post about that much anyway.)
The dress i ordered from Yayer is at the post office and just needs to be picked up, cant wait to get it! Really hoping it fits and suits me. I'll get a photo up asap. In the meantime i hope everyone has a better week than i have been having. :)

ps. dont forget to enter my giveaway!

Infinity Tattoo

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

01. I have gone on about my tattoo quite alot so i thought i had better show you guys a picture. I look far more tanned than i actually am by some miracle, im not complaining.

02. Lent starts tomorrow and myself and emily (good friend at college) have motivated each other not too eat chocolate. Original, i know. But ive decided even if it doesnt work, a few days is better than no days. And i always feel so much better for not eating chocolate by the end of the day.

03. From now to the end of march i am not spending, despite my previous wishlist. That will have to wait until after i have bought my Leeds Fest ticket. I am literally so excited, even though the line up isnt out and everything is so expensive it will be an amazing weekend with all my friends.

04. Here are five blogs which im really enjoying at the moment, i will post a few more over my nexts posts cause there are many more whos blogs i love reading!

05. Oh, and happy birthday to my younger brother who is 12 today!


Monday, 7 March 2011

DMs and Vans - Office, Shorts -, Skirt and scalloped crop tops - Topshop

Okay so i am being a tad optimistic about the weather but what can i say, i want summer! DMs and Vans have been on my list for a while, they are pretty much timeless. I still need to decide between black or brown though. I prefer the brown but would probably get more wear out of the black?
I am embracing the scalloped trend (actually dont think there is one haha) but these tops are so cute. They come in a variety of colours but these colours are much more s/s. Oh, and they show my tattoo which is just too cool ;) The skirt is also from TS and i found it in a pink instore but not on the web, either way i want it. And finally i need to invest in a pair of vintage levis. They have quite a few pairs on so i think an order from there might be needed.

Just a little thank you

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Okay so here is the giveaway. Probably should have taken a close up of the socks too, but ah well. The socks are from topshop and are pretty cute, i was hoping to get some slightly more frilly ones but no such luck, but these are lovely. This bag was a really great thrift find which i thought would be perfect for this giveaway, its only small but holds more than you think. And finally the necklace. It from a vintage store in Huddersfield which i am in nearly everyday. There were a few necklaces but i chose this one since it can be worn with so much! Hope you guys like what i am giving away cause otherwise this is a bit of a rubbish thank you. Couple of rules:

01. You need to be a follower of my blog via google friend connect.
02. Comment below and you will automatically be entered.
03. For 'extra entries' you can tweet about this giveaway - ""
04. Or you can post about it on your blog. (make sure to comment again to let me know that you need the extra entries)

This giveaway will end on Friday 25th March :) Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and support. This blog has helped me find so many new things which i would never have found otherwise!

D is for Dress

Friday, 4 March 2011


I have lusted after this dress for a while and was actually at the final point of checkout with it and didnt buy it. But it is still there, as if it is waiting for me to buy it! I do love it. The collar, drop waist, lace detailing and cream colour, but really not sure if it will suit me. What do you guys think?
In other news i have everything for a little giveaway to thank you all for taking the time to read my posts and comment. You'll have to wait till i post to see what it is, i will try get that done tomorrow but i need to take a few photos. And another things is that i finally got my tattoo today! Its an infinity symbol on my left hip. I will get a picture posted up asap but will probably post one on my twitter first so you should check that out :)

- i have just bought the dress -

vans and vinyls

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

ph: weheartit

Welcome to all my new followers, cant believe i have reached over 100. So glad someone is there reading what i write, ha. I have a couple of things lined up for a giveaway just to say a little thank you. Its nothing big but ya'no.
Tuesday are actually one of my favourite days. I only have 3 lessons, home by lunch, and the whole afternoon to myself (unless i have to go to work). So today i am going to take my laptop in for repairs - this may effect how often i blog - and pop into the tattoo studio to see about getting this tattoo i want. Rather nervous! Hope everyone has a good tuesday.