Right on trend

Monday, 27 September 2010

Spending my 'study time' wisely i went into town a did a quick spot of shopping in town. Had no luck in the vintage stores today but I suppose thats good cine i am trying to save money, unsuccessfully. Instead i found a great camel coloured cardigan in British Heart Foundation. Its a bit bigger than i would have hoped for but i mean you can go wrong for £3.30! It had a slight collar it and buttons up the front, the buttons are only simple but i dont think it needs anything else. I also finally got round to buying a pair of winter shoes. They are from Office so they didnt come cheaply. I cajoled my mum into giving me half the money for them so they only cost me about £30 (very annoyed with myself though that i forgot to get student discount! I seem to forget every time i go shopping!) Ive had my eye on them for a while, ideally i would have gone for the softer looking fur lined ones since personally i think they looked a bit better and would have been more comfortable. These are a different style but are a 'chocolate' colour lace up boot - going to have to find a good pair of warm socks to match them.

I have several pairs of thick socks from when i had an obsession with them a few years back. Cant say that i know where most of them are any more though which is a shame. Used to have some lovely grey ones with little dark pink lines of flowers running up either side from UO.

01. My job search has come to a halt. A few jobs have come up but the hours just dont fit
     in around college.
02. College - settled in great and the work hasnt been too bad so far. Running out of
     clothes to wear though - feel like i need a new outfit every day!
03. I need to start some regular exercise so badly. I stopped football after last season, and
     cricket is only played during the summer. Would love to be able to do the gym but that
     costs money and just doesnt really appeal to me. Maybe i should start running? Or
     maybe not..
04. One thing that is really stressing me at the moment is my ipod. I mean i can deal with
      computers and ipods but not when they all break and things start to get techy! Which
      is what has happened with my ipod atm.
05. Finally i need to buy my boyfriend somthing for his birthday. Its a while off but i want
     it to be special. Its a 17th and any ideas would be great. Ta.


Friday, 24 September 2010


Zara has some of the most amazing clothes this season, right up my street. The colours are the perfect for A/W although you would need to mix them with something a bit different so it wasnt too bad. Got some thick tight s from UO from last winter which i shall be getting out the draw, they are so warm. Not sure if i could pick a favourite out of these items, although the rabbit tee is cute, but i adore the corduroy shorts. Would have never even have considered something like this before, but with these being 'on trend' and me managing to branch into some new styles i would love a pair! Today hasnt been the best of days. I counted up all my money - or what i have left - and it isnt a lot. I am also ill which isnt helping things. Going to have one of those lazy weekends late mornings and early nights. Am going to the cinema tomorrow evening though with a few friends i havent seen in a while and my boyfriend. Going to see The Expendables i think, any good? I would love to have a good moan about how the work from college is making me so tired, but i think its mainly my fault. I should really start getting to bed earlier and not staying up to silly times in the morning. We can only hope for the best.
Big thanks to anyone who actually takes the time to read this blog, it means a lot.

Freshers Party 2

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bit late posting on this one but i have been busy, and absolutely exhausted, these past few days. Freshers was great. The club was absolutely packed and it was so hot! We all got ready at Elizabeth's and got a taxi up - arrived late so had to wait in a long queue too. The music wasnt exactly my type of thing but the atmosphere was goood.

Today it has been stormy all day. I got soaked leaving college which led to a really bad hair day. As i'm writing this i can hear the rain drumming down on my windows. It never seems so bad once your inside.
Hopefully if i get a moment tomorrow between seeing simon and going to the cinema im going to do a post on Zara. I know im a bit slow to get on the train with the whole new online site but i have had a good browse and i now want half the shop, shame the bank statement wont stretch that far.

Freshers Party 1

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ok so i've been in sixth form college for 3 weeks and tonight is freshers party. Its an hour before i leave and i still dont know what to wear! Probably go for a simple black bodycon dress with lace sections, tan leather shoes and no jacket. It all sounds very boring though.. I'll be taking pictures tonight so hopefully if i take enough i'll have some good ones which i can post up here. Not promising anything though.

College is great at the moment. We spend our frees playing card and i am getting so much inspiration from the clothes that people wear. Although it is rather damaging to my bank account. Looking out for this gorgeous cape which a girl had - it was from Gap but they dont seem to have any on the website which is a dissapointment. I also neeeed a parka coat and a cute little playsuit which i can layer for A/W.


Saturday, 18 September 2010

If anyone knows why the sidebar background doesnt go all the way to the top, or how to get rid of the silly lines on my blog, then that would be great. Many thanks.

Daily reads

Friday, 17 September 2010

A Sense Sublime

All That Glitters

Campus Fashion

Fancy Treehouse

Fashion Stereotype

Flashes Of Style

Katie Styles


Quite Quaint

White Rabbit White Rabbit

Okay so ever since i found blogging i have followed more and more, but these are my first and formost favourites. They are all quite different but inspire me in different ways. Fashion Stereotype's last post was on Lee Crutchley - who to be honest with you, i had never heard of before - but now i love looking at his work! Its so original and some of his ideas are great. These are two of my favourites:


I have also just received my new bag from FancyTreehouse's ebay shop. I am in love with it! Will try get a picture up of it asap, but i mean ive said that about a million things. Its green suede with a brown, snackskin effect top and bottom and strap.
Outside of the blogging world college is going well and i have a few applications in for jobs which is a good start. Seen my boyfriend more since we arent at the same school everday now, weird how times change so fast. On saturday we are going to see 'Going The Distance' - is it any good?
I always seem to have this set of clothes that i just cant get enough of. Wore them tonight actually when i went out for a meal with her  and her family. Kharki tailored trousers, black vest top, charity shop christmas knit cardi and a scarf from the loacal vintage store. Cant go wrong really can you with items like that.

Quote: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind" - Dr. Seus

down day

Monday, 13 September 2010

So right now i have a terrible/runny nosed/sneezy type of cold. Had it since saturday and its starting to get annoying. All i want to do is wrap up in warm clothes and curl up in my bed! Which isnt allowed cause i have college to go to.
I seem to have a million and one things to do as well at the moment, so getting some outfits posts is getting pushed further and further down the list. I think i found a solution to the background prblem since i have accquired a large white sheet which i can drape from one of my beams. I also seem to find clothes that i love but never get round to buying them so when i look again they are all sold out! Need to get into the habit of buying because i can always return them after. What i really need though is some winter boots. Office have the most gorgeous pair except they cost £82 which is completely out of my price range, even if my mum does pay for some towards them.

Spent the weekend with the family and a large group of friends up in Northumberland. It was a birthday do for the four people who are turning 50 this year. Luckily the weather was good and we managed to get out onto the beach. But i mean even if it had of rained the house (mansion!) wasnt exactly a dissapointment.

Our 'mansion' - Newton Hall

We buried the youngest in the sand and attempted to make a mermaid.
Norhtumberland, England in the middle of September. In the sea!


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Okay so college is going better than i expected. Made a good number of new friends, although im missing the olds one loads. Works starting easy but that aint gonna last long im sure.
Having college in the centre of town means i cant resist going out and buying things! I bought myself a gorgeous shade of nail varnish from Rimmel - rapid ruby. Got it on now actually. Its just one of those colours which is perfect for autumn/winter. In another of my frees i went down to town with a few friends and we visited some of the cutest vintage stores. They were tucked away in a small indoor area with balconies and cafes and shops with some beautiful items. MAGIC. Lucy served us in there an i would have killed for what she was wearing - camel highwaisted skirt and denim jacket - all thrifted from the store. I instead went for a knitted jumper £18 (with good old student discount!), scarf £2.70 and sheer blouse £10. Its so frustrating when you find an amazing pair of shoes but they just dont come in your size in shops like that! I am an 8 and most of the vintage shoes are 4-5, anyone else have this problem?

I have handed my cv in at this shop, as well as many others in an attempt to get a job. Picked up a few applications but nothing has come up at the moment. Really need a job since there are so many wonderful clothes in the collections this season which i just need!
Going away tomorrow afternoon to Northumberland for the weekend, family trip as a bit of a birthday celebration for my dads 50th. So unless i manage to find a spot with wi-fi blogging will have to wait until monday. Looks like i will have loads to read and catch up on when i get back.

in the attic

Sunday, 5 September 2010

I was looking in the loft to find some more photos of my dad for this album i am making, when i came across my grandma's old tripod. It is a big old wooden one and looks absolutely great. Its also in quite good condition. Unfortunately it doesnt fit cameras nowadays cause the screw piece is too big. 

I was thinking of buying a tripod one i get round to buying a camera but i think i might just resort to piling books up since thats much cheaper.

I currently use the tripod to hang my ever growing collection of bags on.

i think im in love!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

I was looking through topshop for some inspiration for more clothes (I have an ever growning wish list of things i want! Just need the money now) when i came across these beauties.

At the moment i really like the tailored look. I can wear these with tights aswell if it gets too cold. They are the perfect colour to fit with this season - camel - its just the colour to have. However what kind of top can i wear, any suggestions?

Oh and i have just bought the cutest bag ever! Its from @Fancy Treehouse's ebay shop and i love it so much. You should check it out cause she has some other great items on there. Its really the kind of style that i am aiming for and will definately be buying more.

As you see i have gone for this signature - although it may change again.

all fun and games

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Just a quick one today. Spent the day at a theme park called Alton Towers - it was a college get to know people trip since i've just started at a new college. Didn't really get to know people but thats cause i'm generally shy and not always the first to make conversation.

Hopefully i'll meet more people in my lessons, which start tomorrow. Which brings me on to the fact that I may not blog as often (not that anyone reads it anyway.) This year is a busy year:

01. AS-levels
02. Find a part time job
03. Volunteer work
04. Make new friends
05. Start looking at universities
06. Leeds Festival 2011
07. A trip to Rome with the boyfriend?

And the list probably goes on. But we'll get to that some other time.
Was going to try an outfit post today, but never got round to it. I surprisingly like what i was wearing which is always good news. I had on - a topman grey jacket, a black and white stripey top from topshop, some denim shorts from oxfam, my gran's old brown belt and some tan sandals from the sale at zara. Will get round to doing an outfit post one day, i promise!

i adore charity shops

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ok. So I've had more chances to go into charity shops lately since i have been going through Brighouse a lot - which has loads of charity stores! So far this week i've bagged myself a snakeskin style black X body bag (oh so old) for £3.50, a little black dress which was originally from Miss Selfridge reduced to £4.50, which could go with anything, and a pair of indigo denim shorts. I'd been meaning to get some for some time - the kind with the dangling out the bottom pockets - and since these were only £3 i thought why not, except they dont have the pockets but you cant have everything, right? Can layer them with tights and a little tan belt for a more winter look. Think i'm going to start a shift a week in one once term has started properly. Not only does it help out, looks good on my CV and works towards DoE, bonus! But it means i get to search through the rails for some bargains before everyone else. Oxfam here i come...
Watching some of these Reading + Leeds Fest highlights is quite depressing. All the great bands i missed out on! Like mumford and sons - lostprophets - kids in glass houses - you me at six - arcade fire - blink 182 and so many more. Saving up already to make sure i have enough money for next year. Its so bloody expensive!

Slight downer tonight since the football team i have played for for 8 years has just folded. So when i got back after the match we played i was very happy to see a homemade apple and blackberry crumble my mum had made. This really shows me its becoming autumn and the new term is starting cause we always go blackberry picking round this time.

She makes them so well.

Note to self: must not go to bed so late. although i am allowed just for tonight since i am waiting for a text from my boyfriend who is coming back from Turkey. but no excuses tommorrow cause i have to be up about 5 o'clock!