Wills And Kate.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton

This post is kind of obligatory. At first i wasnt hyped with any of the royal wedding but after watching it today i couldnt be more amazed. Kate looked beautiful in her dress, and the whole day was pretty moving. So glad i watched it in the end. I hope they are happy for a long time.

Im still here

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Photos: weheartit

Feels like i havent posted in ages, April has been a pretty bad month for posting to be honest. I have exams starting soon and going on for about a month so having to revise for them is taking up quite a bit of my time. I also spent the weekend away for Easter with all my family. We had the perfect weather and spent the whole weekend in the garden! We ate enough for a week in just those two days!
Recently i have been saving up quite alot of money that i earned since i got my job and what i really need is a good shopping trip. I want to find a really cute and colourful summer dress, any ideas? I was thinking maybe this one from topshop? Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday and that the weather stays as gorgeous as it has been.

Oh, and i want the second pair of glasses in the first photo..


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Top; Topshop - Skirt; thrifted - Shoes; Office

This is what i wore yesterday for a quick trip into town with my brother. The weather was gorgeous and i was even too hot in what i was wearing! This is the first time i have worn this skirt. I got it from a charity shop for about £4, but 1. its a bit big 2. i dont think the longer style suits me. So with some clever belting i made it slightly shorter and i like it more like that. This top is now also a wardrobe staple.
Oh and you can see my ombred hair in the photos. The only problem i have with it is the line between brown and blonde feels a bit harsh..

Its times like these remind me.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A quick summer outfit which i am liking at the moment. All items are from topshop. I really need to go shopping because i havent been in so long, but i have a pile of work and revision today for exams that are coming up. Will try and get a decent photo of my hair, probably take one outside today in this beautiful weather we are having. I am on my holidays right now, but i dont think everyone is, make the most of this weather though. Its glorious!

He is only ever out to hurt you.

Saturday, 16 April 2011




01. This week i took the plunge and ombred my hair. My friend did it for me on thursday evening and i will get a picture up asap. There is one on twitter if you follow me there.

02. It is finally the Easter holidays! They have taken so long to come round this year because they are like 2 weeks late. But i cant wait to have a litttle less pressure. Although i have so much revision to do for my exams coming up just a few weeks after i come back.

03. My holiday started pretty badly, it is a long story and has left me feeling pretty down. Especially at the moment. But hey, you cant contorl everything however much you try. You have to let people make their own stupid mistakes.

04. One thing i really cant wait to do is go shopping cause i have saved up quite a bit of money. I got a really cute skirt off my granny today though. It is a midi, polkadot, flowy skirt and i am looking forward to trying it on.

05. Sorry for it being another one of these posts. I dont know whether these are better than no posts or not?

Living for the weekend

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Ooops, 7 days since i last posted. Just a little update because right now i am just trying to hang in there until my Easter break from college. I am completely exhausted after all the walking i did at the weekend, and also quite sunburnt. I have quite a bit of work to be done before this friday which is a shame because the weather outside has been beautiful. Hi to my new readers and thanks for everyone else sticking by me. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend out in the sun!

Florence and Fred

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sorry the photos arent all that great, i was in the house by myself so had no way of showing me wearing/holding them. I got these in my order from Tesco which arrived yesterday. The dress has to be my favourite. Already put it together with other things in my wardrobe and cant wait until it is warm enough to wear without tights. Im not so keen on the colour of this top though, more neon than i expected so i am sending that one back. The skirt is a keeper though! High-waisted, floral and so very pretty. I recommend that you have a look round tescos online site cause you can find some great things on there for pretty cheap prices.

Monday, 4 April 2011




I am rather busy right now, please call back later.

No i am actually pretty busy. Trying to get everything done before i have to go walking this weekend for duke of edinburgh. Not really sure why i put myself through this! Will try and fit in a few more posts before i do go up to the yorkshire dales. Thank you all for staying with me.
My parcel arrived from Tescos this morning too so i have a few things to show you which i ordered. Dont think i will be keeping all of them but you never know. Hope everyone enjoys their week.

In a perfect world, we would be together forever.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Coat - topshop, Shorts - thrifted, Top - Topman, Belt - Grannys, Converse - Office

Cant actually believe i have done two outfit post in such a short space of time! I changed my outfit several times this morning before i ended up with this. I was comfy and warm so was pretty happy. This top is actually my boyfriends but i love it and plan to keep it for a while hahaa. Thrifted these shorts from a local charity shop back last year and recently started wearing them again, really like the colour, although they are a tad too big on me. I also tend to live in converse. My feet are looking overly large in these photos.
Glad its the weekend now, been looking forward to it all week. Have a good one guys!