Parma Violet

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Quick update. These were my nails from a few weeks ago. I used topshop 'Parma Violet' for the base and models own nail art pen in white for the dots. I did random patterns of dots and left some without. I quite like having a simple nail art sometimes.

I have ordered my camera so it should arrive next week. I have gone for the panasonic lumix fz48 bridge camera and bought some accessories to go with it. Will be able to get some photos of some new nail art and some recent purchases when it arrives.

Wishlist #3

Friday, 28 September 2012

Just another quick wishlist for you all.  Quite a mix of items, all things i have saved in my favourites over the week.

I am definitely a jeans girl at heart and have picked out three pairs here. Two from topshop (these and these) and one from monki here. I could actually do with a new pair at the moment too seeing as i came off my bike yesterday in the city centre and have made a big hole in a pair i wear all the time! The only problem i have is that topshop jeans often seem to lose their colour and stretch, not sure if this is just my experience though?
The knitted top is from monki too and looks so snuggly! I have a thing for long sleeves lately and bought a couple of tops from h+m this week. Also loving khaki as we head into autumn and this skirt from topshop would be a perfect staple. The last item of clothing is the jumpsuit from urban outfitters. I dont own anything like this and wouldnt know where to start in styling it (any suggestions welcome!) but it looks so perfect, and its been reduced to £20. It clearly wants me to buy it.
The final products are just off the boots website. I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs and tried Dot on not that long ago and think i may love it even more. When my perfume runs out this will be the next on my list. I think i saw this rapid dry spray as a review on someones blog, so let me know if it was you, and i am quite intrigued to try it out. I usually end up doing my nails in a rush so if it works it would be really useful.

In other news i have just finished my first proper week of university and am really loving it. There has been quite a lot of work already but i find it all really interesting. I have also decided on which camera i am buying and just need to get round to finding the best place to buy it now. Cant wait to get back to taking photos for here!


Feels like home already

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ive been incredibly mia at the moment. I have hardly had any time just to sit down! I moved into my halls at university last thursday and since then have been meeting loads of new people, sorting through all my things, going out for freshers and attending introductory lectures. I am ridiculously exhausted but have had the most amazing time so far! I am looking forward to my course starting, even though there will probably be mountains of work to do. Here are a couple of snaps from moving in day:

The first shows the building i am in, and the second is in my room. Ive been really lucky with what i have got and my room definitely feels like home!

I hope to post a little more regularly when i have more time. But i still have the problem of not having a good camera yet so need to get round to buying one. The quality of my digital isnt that great and i want the photos on my blog still to look good. I do have some post ideas lined up though :)
Hope anyone else moving into uni/starting college is having a great time too!


Max Factor: Fantasy Fire

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I ordered this and this last week as some new storage bits for my uni room. I am going to use them to store my nail polishes and jewellery, and i love the acrylic because you can still see what is inside them. I ordered the deep one for my nail polishes but the only problem is that i cant fit them all in. In fact i can only just fit half of them in, i have too many colours! So you know what this called for.. i needed to obviously go buy another polish! I saw this one when i was in town earlier this week and fell in love with the shade. I havent tried max factor polishes before so will let you know how it is.

It comes out lighter and more purple than you would think from looking at the bottle. But i still love the colour. The only downside is that because it is a mini polish the brush is small so application is harder.
I move out tomorrow morning, so next time i get round to blogging will be from a new room at university! I am still looking at buying a camera so that i can take outfit photos. Had some good advice from people on twitter so i know what i am looking for now. Hope everyone is well.

Rainbow cake

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Not sure i ever showed this on the blog, but back in july i made this as a birthday cake for my boss at work.

The best thing about this is that you dont know if its worked and how it will look until you cut into it! I would quite like to make another one of these. Maybe before uni and take it so everyone wants to be my friend ;)
The cake itself is simple to make, but the icing and sprinkles can get a bit tricky. I love the way it turned out though and my boss said it tasted great too which is a bonus. Whats your favourite cake to bake?


Topknot tutorial

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Just a quick tutorial to show you how i got the topknot that i showed you in my last post. All you need is a hair bobble, a hair donut and some grips. I found this through youtube in a video by Macbarbie07, the hair section doesnt start till 4:30 into the video. But i have been a little addicted to watching her hair and makeup lately. But here is how i do it: (sorry for the pretty poor lighting, i still dont have a better place to film.)

Hope this helps some people. I have worn my hair like this so many times now because it is just so quick to do!


Floral Peplum Tee

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

This is one of my go-to hairstyles at the moment, its done with a hair donut. Most people already know how to do it but i have only lately found a way that works for me. If people like i can show a quick tutorial.

Top - topshop, leggings - zara, hoody - american apparel, converse - office

I had this top on my wishlist and ordered it when topshop had free delivery, and with student discount on top it only came to £10.20 which i think is quite reasonable. I love the print on it and think peplum tops are really flattering. This is a simple outfit but i was only ticking off a to-do list yesterday so wanted to be comfortable. It got sunny later on so i didnt actually need my hoody, think the outfit looks better without it anyway.

Had a successful ikea trip on monday. Which actually turned into ikea/sainsburys/wilkinsons/john lewis by the time we had finished! But i think i am now fully kitted out for university life. I need to sort through everything in my room but have a week still to do that.
As well as sorting the next week will be filled with seeing my friends and saying lots of goodbyes. Going to my friends tomorrow where we will cook a meal for a group of us, going out a couple of times for birthdays too and saying goodbye to people at work. One thing i am looking forward to is being able to paint my nails without having to take it off for work all the time! Look out for more nail/design posts to come.

Hope people who have already gone back too school are enjoying themselves. I honestly cant wait to get into university!


Its Friday Im In Love

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Images from tumblr.

- September has already started. Cant really believe we are three quarters of the way through the year already! But i have to admit that autumn is one of my favourite seasons. Yes the rain and cold can get annoying, but it gives an excuse for duvet days, moving watching and wrapping up in big knits and to wear tights again. Above are just few images for inspiration.

- I have had a mixed bag this week. I had a couple of pretty low days but today has been lovely. I played cricket for my womens team against a visually impaired mens team. It was such a different game to normal cricket, but some of the men were amazing, especially the fully blind ones! We play with a football with bells in the middle and have big wickets and lots of other rules. But the weather was perfect and everyone playing really enjoyed themselves.

- Tomorrow i am taking a trip to ikea with my mum to start picking up some bits i might need for university. I move out in less than two weeks so really need to start packing and sorting through my stuff. I also only have 3 shifts left at work, going to miss both the money and the people there.