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Thursday, 24 May 2012

 Top - urban outfitters, Shorts - M+S, Sunglasses - urban outfitters

Another exam down! Only 5 more to go. These photos were taken yesterday in this perfect weather we seem to be having. It must have been at least 23 degrees round where i live, which makes it pretty hard to stay inside and revise. My sister is also on study leave so we took a trip down to town around lunch time and went to a lovely little cafe. We also bought some bits from wilkinsons, i cant seem to help but buy little home things in there! In the evening we had our first bbq of the year. It was a delicious mismash of what we had in the fridge and freezer.

The shorts in the photos are literally my new favourite thing. They are a great fit (aka. covering my whole bum) and i love the style of them. I had always wanted some levis but they just never seem to fit right, these are the perfect alternative.

In case you hadnt heard me go on about it enough, it bloggers boutique on saturday and now that i have that exam out of the way i am even more excited. I think i have decided on what i am wearing but will still have to bring several outfits to london with me just incase i change my mind! I am getting the train down tomorrow with my boyfriend. The trains are gonna be pretty horrible and stuffy, so i really hope the journeys okay. Still need to decide how to do my nails..

Keep enjoying this lovely weather! If it carries on like this i may have to get the bikini and paddling pool out haha.



  1. Gotta love a paddling pool! :P And I really love your top, so cute.
    R xx

  2. LOVE the shorts! Suit you so well :) xo

  3. So cute, love your t-shirt! & I'm very jealous that you had a BBQ.
    Hope you have a lovely time on Saturday! x

  4. cute look, very natural and simple <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. Thank-you for the comment lovely!

    Really simple and pretty, so perfect for this weather.

    Lots of Love,

    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  6. Cute outfit, like the photo with the pink flowers :D


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