I want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike

Monday, 13 August 2012

This was the main present that i got for my birthday! I had been looking to buy a bike for a while. I have always had a bike and used to love to ride around, but it got too small for me and so havent been able to for a while. I also quite wanted a bike for when if i go to uni in september. I will be going to manchester and the accommodation is outside of the main teaching area and it is all fairly flat so a bike will be perfect. This is the bike my parents bought me:

It is a Pendleton bike, with a basket! It is in a really lovely colour too :) Its a hybrid bike which is great for the way i will be using it. So far i have been riding too and from work on it, went for a bike ride with my boyfriend and also a picnic. I cant wait to be able to use it everyday. I will have to look after it at university though, will probably have about 10 locks on every part of it so noone can take it! If youre reading this mum, it really was the perfect present!

Quick picture of me on my bike just before we went for a picnic.



  1. Thats a really lovely bike, what a lovely birthday gift! x

  2. I love cycling, your bike is lovely I wish mine had a basket x

  3. Ah that's lovely! I wish I liked riding bikes :( oxo

  4. It's so lovely! My sister took a bike to uni and cycled everywhere! But it got stolen so be careful!

    Love Roza

  5. Ive wanted a bike with a basket for ages!! hope you have lovely jolly rides on this wonderful bike!


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