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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ok so this has definitely done the rounds on the blogs, but it really is such a great scheme!
These past few years glasses have become much more of a fashion accessory than just something that people with poorer eyesight wear. For me i think it is quite often the influence of film and tv shows where i see people looking great in glasses and want a pair of my own. Ive been with my mum when shes gone for eye tests before and i will go to sit in the waiting area but will always end up trying on a load of frames, only to tell the assistant i dont actually need glasses :(
But Firmoo are offering everyone their FIRST PAIR FREE when you order from their site. They have a huge selection of prescription and no-prescription glasses and sunglasses, and you only have to pay a small postage fee. Plus they ship worldwide!
The pair that i went for was #SD2266 in tortoise which you can see on the site here. A really great feature of the site is being able to virtually try on the glasses. I also like that there are images of customers with them on, helped me to decide on which to go for when i can see how they look on real people :)






Glasses c/o Firmoo, Shirt - Zara

I was really impressed with their service, the glasses were delivered in just 3 days. The only negative i have is that the hard case was damaged at one side. It looked like it had been knocked in so the inside lining had come out of place. But they also come with a drawstring case which i have been keeping them in instead. Let me know if you take advantage of this offer!


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