Friday, 13 September 2013

The last big part of my holiday was a family city break to Copenhagen. Denmark is a country I had never been to before, so thats another ticked off my list! It really is such a beautiful city with great architecture. We spent our time visiting museums, taking boats tours, wandering through parks, shopping, eating out and at Tivoli gardens.

We had a great apartment near to the city centre, although 5 flights of stairs is a heck of a long way up! There was a lovely little cafe across the street where we ate breakfast and had afternoon drinks. The Danish do have quite a strange combination of foods for breakfast though; bread, cheese, jam, museli, yoghurt, egg and juice. The houses along the canals were like something off a postcard and it was made even more pretty because of the sunny weather we had.

We climbed to the top of this tower, which had a spiral staircase around the outside of the building! It gave some great views over the city. You could also see Sweden and the huge bridge that lead across to it.

My beautiful sister and brother.

I was rather excited when I realised that there was a Monki store (there were actually 2 in the city centre!) in Copenhagen. I absolutely love the brand and often shop in the online store but find myself put off with having to pay postage because I am never sure if it will fit me properly or look right on me. So I tried on so many things and came away with a few items. Think I might do a little post on those too.

One of the stranger experiences whilst there was visiting Christiania. This is a really unique neighbourhood with its own way of living. It started off as a military area and then people began to squat there. Fairly recently the government has allowed people to begin to buy and rent the properties. It was certainly very interesting but I'm not sure I would like to walk down Pusher Street again where people were freely selling drugs..

This sign did make me laugh though.

A final thing I loved about this city was the number of people that rode bikes! The whole place is designed to make it easier to get around by bike which I think is such a great incentive and something that needs to be done in more UK cities.
Being able to travel to places like this only makes me want to visit even more European cities. Next on the list are Venice, Berlin and Rome.



  1. I love Copenhagen, I was there for a work conference about 5 years ago and hardly got to see any of the city because I only had one day off but I got to see Tivoli which was just gorgeous! Did you feed the fish and try the ice cream?


  2. What a beautiful city! I'd love to go.

    Rosie x

  3. I didn't see any fish.. but we definitely had some ice cream :D


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