The Fratellis

Saturday, 21 December 2013

These guys have been one of my favourite bands for as long as I can remember. I was 12 when they released their first album and my dad used to listen to it. A lot of my early music taste was influenced by my dad! Except maybe Maroon 5… not sure he listened to them.
Since then The Fratellis have released two new albums with a very big gap in the middle. But during their hiatus I had Costello Music and Here We Stand on my ipod and learnt the words to pretty much all their songs. So when my housemate asked if I wanted to go see them because they were playing at manchester academy you couldn't have paid me to stay at home!

Sorry for the not so great quality phone photos!

They played about 50% from the new album and the other half were old classics. I did wish that they played a few more off the first two albums, I hadn't had a chance to properly listen to We Need Medicine yet, but it was still a fantastic set. They mixed it all up a bit and didn't play then exactly like on the albums but it just added to the charm! I loved that they came back on at the end to finish with Chelsea Dagger (surely everyone has heard this song!?) followed by A Heady Tale.
Last month I also saw Vampire Weekend supported by Noah and the Whale who were both pretty awesome. I absolutely love going to see live music, nothing can beat that feeling when you're in the middle of a crowd singing along with the lyrics of your favourite song.
What has the best gig or concert you have ever been too? Mine has to be Coldplay. I mean I have been to some amazing smaller gigs to watch some of my favourite bands play but watching Chris Martin and the rest of the band play on the stage at Etihad, with the whole crowd wearing flashing wrists bands, as the sky got dark, with my mum was pretty perfect I have to admit.


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