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Monday, 13 September 2010

So right now i have a terrible/runny nosed/sneezy type of cold. Had it since saturday and its starting to get annoying. All i want to do is wrap up in warm clothes and curl up in my bed! Which isnt allowed cause i have college to go to.
I seem to have a million and one things to do as well at the moment, so getting some outfits posts is getting pushed further and further down the list. I think i found a solution to the background prblem since i have accquired a large white sheet which i can drape from one of my beams. I also seem to find clothes that i love but never get round to buying them so when i look again they are all sold out! Need to get into the habit of buying because i can always return them after. What i really need though is some winter boots. Office have the most gorgeous pair except they cost £82 which is completely out of my price range, even if my mum does pay for some towards them.

Spent the weekend with the family and a large group of friends up in Northumberland. It was a birthday do for the four people who are turning 50 this year. Luckily the weather was good and we managed to get out onto the beach. But i mean even if it had of rained the house (mansion!) wasnt exactly a dissapointment.

Our 'mansion' - Newton Hall

We buried the youngest in the sand and attempted to make a mermaid.
Norhtumberland, England in the middle of September. In the sea!

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