Thursday, 9 September 2010

Okay so college is going better than i expected. Made a good number of new friends, although im missing the olds one loads. Works starting easy but that aint gonna last long im sure.
Having college in the centre of town means i cant resist going out and buying things! I bought myself a gorgeous shade of nail varnish from Rimmel - rapid ruby. Got it on now actually. Its just one of those colours which is perfect for autumn/winter. In another of my frees i went down to town with a few friends and we visited some of the cutest vintage stores. They were tucked away in a small indoor area with balconies and cafes and shops with some beautiful items. MAGIC. Lucy served us in there an i would have killed for what she was wearing - camel highwaisted skirt and denim jacket - all thrifted from the store. I instead went for a knitted jumper £18 (with good old student discount!), scarf £2.70 and sheer blouse £10. Its so frustrating when you find an amazing pair of shoes but they just dont come in your size in shops like that! I am an 8 and most of the vintage shoes are 4-5, anyone else have this problem?

I have handed my cv in at this shop, as well as many others in an attempt to get a job. Picked up a few applications but nothing has come up at the moment. Really need a job since there are so many wonderful clothes in the collections this season which i just need!
Going away tomorrow afternoon to Northumberland for the weekend, family trip as a bit of a birthday celebration for my dads 50th. So unless i manage to find a spot with wi-fi blogging will have to wait until monday. Looks like i will have loads to read and catch up on when i get back.

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