Freshers Party 1

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ok so i've been in sixth form college for 3 weeks and tonight is freshers party. Its an hour before i leave and i still dont know what to wear! Probably go for a simple black bodycon dress with lace sections, tan leather shoes and no jacket. It all sounds very boring though.. I'll be taking pictures tonight so hopefully if i take enough i'll have some good ones which i can post up here. Not promising anything though.

College is great at the moment. We spend our frees playing card and i am getting so much inspiration from the clothes that people wear. Although it is rather damaging to my bank account. Looking out for this gorgeous cape which a girl had - it was from Gap but they dont seem to have any on the website which is a dissapointment. I also neeeed a parka coat and a cute little playsuit which i can layer for A/W.


  1. starting college is great, i remember loving not having to wear uniform any more, and your right, you get so much inspiration from everyone. it definitely does give your bank balance a bashing though! i remember endlessly wanting to buy stuff! hope the party was fun x


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