Freshers Party 2

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bit late posting on this one but i have been busy, and absolutely exhausted, these past few days. Freshers was great. The club was absolutely packed and it was so hot! We all got ready at Elizabeth's and got a taxi up - arrived late so had to wait in a long queue too. The music wasnt exactly my type of thing but the atmosphere was goood.

Today it has been stormy all day. I got soaked leaving college which led to a really bad hair day. As i'm writing this i can hear the rain drumming down on my windows. It never seems so bad once your inside.
Hopefully if i get a moment tomorrow between seeing simon and going to the cinema im going to do a post on Zara. I know im a bit slow to get on the train with the whole new online site but i have had a good browse and i now want half the shop, shame the bank statement wont stretch that far.

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