i think im in love!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

I was looking through topshop for some inspiration for more clothes (I have an ever growning wish list of things i want! Just need the money now) when i came across these beauties.

At the moment i really like the tailored look. I can wear these with tights aswell if it gets too cold. They are the perfect colour to fit with this season - camel - its just the colour to have. However what kind of top can i wear, any suggestions?

Oh and i have just bought the cutest bag ever! Its from @Fancy Treehouse's ebay shop and i love it so much. You should check it out cause she has some other great items on there. Its really the kind of style that i am aiming for and will definately be buying more.

As you see i have gone for this signature - although it may change again.


  1. oooh they are beautiful! Great choice.

    Love Christina x

  2. perddy shorts! i bought a pair from a charity shop like two days ago haha. POWER TO THE GRANDAD SHORTS!

    and this is pretty damn weird but- i was at alton towers on thursday too!! what a coincidence! xD

    yeah i'm starting sixth form, in ashbourne? which college do you go to? :)


    ps, thanks for adding my button! ^^

  3. Taaaa :) I lovveeee charity shops <3

    That is so weird! I go to greenhead college in huddersfield, west yorkshire.
    No problem about the button - its cute xx

  4. Nice shorts! Topshop gets pricey for me sometimes though..but I managed to find a similar pair at H&M hehe


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