New shades of winter

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Okay so when boots give you a £5 voucher for No7 its hard to resist ok! The nail varnishes were 3 for 2 and then £5 off. So they only cost me £8.50 rather than £20.25. Took me a while to decide on shades and my boyfriend ending up getting rather fed up but i am very happy with my choice of colours. I went for the darker palette, with the exception of the teal i guess. Only used 'Temptress' so far which hasnt chipped for the last 4 days.

(L - R) Totally Teal, Betty Blues, Temptress

IRL the colour is a fair bit darker, but the flash has made it much brighter. Will probably post a couple of pics of the other colours when i next do my nails, if people want to see them that is.
When on holiday i also bought a ring. Its silver with some detailing and then an amber stone in it. Its not photographing very well so i dont have a picture of it. On the subject of rings i really want the owl one from topshop! Oh and the skull, and swan and stag :)

Had a look in about 3 different H&M for the rings like the stag ones and couldnt find any anywhere. But these rings from TS are lovely. Wouldnt go over £10 for on but i think the swan is good for £6.50.

ps. i changed the title just for today. a little festive halloween.


  1. Those colours are gorgeous! And no7 nail varnish is the best - it stays on for ages and hardly ever chips ;)

  2. no7 probably my favourite :)
    hoping i get lots for christmas

    orrr shshh forget i said that its a bit too early :P

  3. the red varnish is lovely, and those rings are super cute! i'm obsessed with oversized rings atm :) xo


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