Oh i do love october

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Suppose we are about a third of the way into the month now so its a bit late to say im looking forward to it i guess. Its the time of year when you start to have those lovely crisp mornings that turn out really sunny. So i really need to start buying some more woolies! Primark seems to be my best bet at the moment since ive seen a few people sporting hats and gloves from there although the one in Huddersfield just isnt that good.
I managed to make it through the weekend in one piece but it was hard work and i ache all over from it. No pain no gain i guess. My hips and shoulders are bruised and dont make the most attractive sight.

Ive been looking around for bargains at the moment since i dont have a lot of money, and im saving up to make my boyfriends birthday special. So after finishing my first aid course today i went into town before going home. Two charity shops, a vintage store, topshop and primark later i came out with these.

 Mittens, 3 rings and a cardigan. All for £13. I love the colours in this cardi, especially the red! Will have to wear it with blacks i think. Anyone got any other ideas of how to wear it? I also just realised that i was going to do my pick of the week today, but what with having this post im going to save it unitl tomorrow, hope nobody minds.

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