Winter inspiration

Sunday, 28 November 2010



All the above images are from I think i am obsessed, ever since i found it through blogging i cant stop looking. Thought id share with you some of the ones that just remind me of winter. The snow and light, hot chocolate on a dark afternoon and curling up by the fire in the evening. It also has great holiday time to spend with the family and my amazing boyfriend. This will be our second christmas together and it makes it that bit more special. The final image i saw and recognised off jazzabelles diary- all down to her 'hobo jumper' - and it shows knitwear so well. I love layering chunky scarves and warm jumpers fro these cold months. I was just given another woollen jumper by my amazing grandad. Who knew he had such good taste!
On another note i had an interview for a bakery in town and i think it went well. Find out on wednesday if i get the job. Ill keep you updated if you follow me on twitter no doubt :) oh and another another note, i did take some outfit photos but the house computer is being repaired at the moment and thats the only place i can download the photos onto so they will have to wait for another day.


  1. I like this post its so adorable i can't wait for winter now haha

  2. Gorgeous photos! Good luck with the job :) xo

  3. This has made me sooo excited for xmas! :) xx

  4. I want to learn how to make hearts on a cappuccino! I guess I should probably learn how to make cappuccino first:/ Inspiring photos, lady:)

  5. good luck with the job, i love all these photos - makes me sad we haven't had snow yet though :( x

  6. Such lovely wintery photos, I especially like the last one <3

  7. such cute photos! xx

  8. thank-you for your lovely comment! and thank-you for using my photograph on this inspiration post(and for linking me!).

    i hope your interview and i hope that you get the job! xx


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