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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Clearly i still live at home with my family and my brother is only 11. At that age i definitely didnt want santa to stop coming! So every christmas we still do 'santa presents' from my mum and dad. I still dont want i to stop now honestly. It makes christmas morning so much more fun with large sacks of gifts. But my mum asks me to write a list of things she can buy for me because she doesnt want to get me useless things - so this is most of what i asked for:

First off is this Duck tee from topshop. I havent asked for it specifically but i often get vouchers for topshop or UO which can be out to a very good use. This top would just be so easy to wear with anything! And i mean the print is just adorable. 
Next are the two nail polishes. These merely represent that i need want nail polishes for christmas. Eyeko, topshop, models own, barry m, you name it. These two shades and so pretty and go really nicely together. Who else love the packaging on topshop make up?
Thirdly are the two rings. Again a bit like the nail polishes i am currently obsessed. These ones caught my eye on the ts website although i am also looking a a few from tatty devine and stray jewelry. Animals on rings are something i cant get enough of lately.
These straightners are a replacement. My trusty straightners which i must have had for about 5 years have packed in! At the moment i am having to borrow my sisters every morning so i have popped a new pair on my christmas list hope that santa will bring me them.
Finally is the casio watch from UO. I love it. Full stop. I definitely need a watch because trying to fond my phone everytime i need the time is a pain. This watch has a elasticated strap so will fit well and i think is just simply retro (probably misused that word there).

Congrats if you managed to read through all that. What are you hoping to get this christmas?

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