Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I recently found this site on someone elses blog, cant remember whos so comment me if it was yours! It is called Yayer. Been looking at it for ages today, i love the way they style the pieces and how individual each piece is. I have chosen this vintage prancing pony dress as my favourite. Its adorable and cute in a deep red colour. The ruffles at the front are also great for a body shape like mine (aka flat).

Secondly - in my Graze box which came in the post today i got 'bear necessities' 'honeycomb flapjack' 'deli topped focaccia' and 'new england'. They all look lovely and getting it has absolutely made my day! I havent eaten any as of yet, saving them for tomorrow. To get your first box for free just enter R1MYRKN3 :)
Thirdly - i have finished my fancy dress ourfit for tomorrow. Will get a picture when i am wearing it. Second outfit post anyone? So yeah today has been okay. Really wish there was more time in a day though.

ps. thanks to any new followers and all the comments. they are so lovely! thinking of a xmas giveaway, any ideas?


  1. Some cute stuff on that site i never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute dress!



  3. Love the dress.


  4. far too many beautiful things on that site!!

    R x


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