Dear Santa, thank you, from Alice.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

First post since the scheduled one on christmas day. I was lucky enough to have two christmases, with the two halves of my family (I will do a 'what i got post' tomorrow probably if people would like?) The first photo is actually boxing day but i like the hat :) the snowy photos are from our xmas day walk, it was lovely but my god it was cold! After that are all from me aunties house. Charlie is my cousin once removed and is adorable, the room with all my family in whilst opening presents and finally my dad after christmas meal number two (with Charlie's santa hat). I have had an amazing christmas and i hope you have too. There is so much more i could right about to be honest but i really don't want to ramble on. What did you all do? Link me to your posts.

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