I wish i could turn back time.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lots of people have been doing them and i really quite looking at what other people have got for christmas. I took pictures of most of what i got, sorry for the poor lighting though:

Along with this i also got a velvet skirt, some slipper boots, some fairisle pjs, money and some ghd straightners.

I was really pleased with everything that i got! The casio watch is one of my favourites, i was so fed up with looking at my phone every five minutes. I will also be able to buy some cute new clothes from topshop when i find something i like. I went shopping with my sister yesterday but wasnt really impressed with the sales, only really found a few nice things in Zara but to be honest they still seemed wuite expensive. I am thinking of getting this next time im in town? I think LLYMLRS styled it really well. Hope everybody got what they wanted for christmas. I apologise for the overload of photos in the last couple of posts.
Last day of 2010 tomorrow, i think a round up post is in order. Wishing everyone an amzing nye. Enjoy yourslef.


  1. You got such gorgeous gifts !!
    And i wasnt verry impressed with the sales when i went either. It was either way too crowded in the store, or i would just not find anything it was really frustrating !!

    i would love for you to check out my blog and maybe follow if you like it ?!!


    im just about to follow youu, you have a really gorgeous blog !! xx

  2. I always avoid the sales because I can't deal with so many people shoving around everywhere! Annoying to miss out on bargains though. Looks like you scored some pretty good presents! Especially love the pile of books, and can never go wrong with a bit of Twilight!x

  3. oh, i so love your casio watch, what a beautiful present! and snaps with the fotry pounds topshop voucher, my dad bought me one, too :)

    thank-you for your lovely comment. i hope you had a lovely christmas, and happy new year. xx

  4. I bought this dress last week, it really is a beaut isn't it? Rather long though and I'm quite short so a waist belt deals with this wonderfully :)
    Love your blog, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new year!


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