This was my year

Friday, 31 December 2010

This year has been a big one for me. I started the year when i was 15 and am finishing it now i am 16. Here are a few photos:

 The snow we had in january 2010. Taken at my gate.

 We went to see You Me At Six in Leeds.

 My family (minus my sister) in the Yorkshire Dales.

 In our horrific school uniform in the last week before we finished.

 Me before i went to prom.

 I took my boyfriend to London after exams. This is on the London Eye.

 This photo and the one below are from our family summer holiday in France.

 We had a little results celebration party ;)

 I went with my boyfriend and his family to the Isle of Wight.

 Out on the town for a college party.

This is on a day off college because of the snow.

I have had a wonderful year and done so much that i will always remember. One of the reasons for having this blog is so i can look back and remember. I have discovered so much new stuff through here and met some lovely people. A massive thank you to all who read my blog! Its you who make it special. Have a great NYE.


  1. aww love this post! i didn't realise you were 16! i thought you was older. Looks like you've had a great year x

  2. That house in France is totally beautiful. Love your outfit in the Isle of Wight photo! Hope 2011 is just as good for you, happy new year!x

  3. what lovely pictures, so happy memories of this year. Happy happy new year!

  4. aw, this is really sentimental and just plain nice. it's inspiring me to do one but sadly i haven't taken too many pictures over the past year but i'm determined to take lots and lots in 2011! i'm very glad i've followed your blog because your posts always cheer me up.
    i hope you have a nice evening tonight and i hope your christmas was lovely.
    i hope 2011 is the best year yet for you and is filled with happiness and laughter! much love,
    izzy xx

  5. Great recap... Love your prom dress, so pretty!

    Check out my giveaway if you get a chance!

  6. what a lovely year, i love the brown coat that you were wearing in the picture by the seaside. it's so beautiful.

  7. Gorgeous prom dress. It sounds like you've had a wonderful year, hope you have a happy 2011!

  8. Thats a beautiful prom dress. I'm following :) happy new year!

  9. aww such lovely pictures, new reader hiii ha! love the outfit when your at the isle of wight, especially your coat :D xx


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