Cheers guyz.

Monday, 3 January 2011

This blogging award was given to my by the darling Emily Charlotte. Its a real lovely feeling to know that people read and enjoy what you write. So for this i have been told to write seven things about myself. A lot you already know because i blog about it most days, but here goes:

1. I am in sixth form studying maths, psychology, chemistry and biology.
2. Although i love fashion. In the future i want to work with kids in medicine.
3. I have a boyfriend who i have been with for 13 months now ♥
4. I am a football fanatic and not afraid to admit it - i go watch most weeks with my dad.
5. I am vegetarian.
6. Not against anyone else liking them, but i really cant stand designer brands.
7. For my 9th birthday i had my name up on the screen at a New York Yankees baseball game.

So those are some facts about my life. And finally i am meant to pick 7 other blogs to give this too. Its not really the award that i want to give, just the recognition to people who post things i really enjoy reading:

Lydia, Rose, Tesaar, Rosie, Vicky, Irene, Ellie.


  1. congratz for getting the award :)

  2. your blog is nice to read :)
    I really liked your New Year's Resolutions


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