D is for Done

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

So i think christmas is pretty much over and done with now unfortunately. I was back at college today, decorations are starting to come down and the last of the chocolates are disappearing. But i thought i'd share 3 photos with you that i took on christmas day.

Little visit into town today after college and i bought a couple of things from topshop. Not sure on the skirt though. Keep or return post tomorrow possibly.


  1. I love the snowy picture :) very pretty!
    I haven't taken down any decorations yet, they look too pretty! xx

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! I don't feel Christmassy anymore, it has to be said :(

    And the little boutique in Halifax is called Coco Blush :) It's in Westgate by La Luna... do you live nearby? x

  3. p.s. - we have mutual friends on fb! Small world and all that x

  4. all the snow is gone from where i live now, i kind of miss it! x



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