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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

clockwise: asos, asos, topshop, asos

Bit of a shoe fest today. Think what i want most are those suede loafers from Asos. The loafers in topshop are actually a bit nicer i think but these are £15 cheaper and that really makes all the difference. Will probably order them and see what they are like. I have rather odd feet so i really need to try them on to check if they are right. any shoes your lusting after right now?
One exam left tomorrow and im not panicking too much. Somehow chemistry has gone on this term which makes me happy. I also have my second shift at work tomorrow to the annoyance of my boyfriend who i was meant to finally be seeing after the exams. That will have to all wait till Saturday :(


  1. Those loafers are cute, I hope they fit!

  2. The loafers on the top left are supper pretty !! I really want a pair like that !!


  3. Definitely just fell in love with the suede lace-up wedges :)

  4. Those loafers are lovely- post exam treat?! Best of luck for the exam!xx


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