'Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels'

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I guess i have started doing these instead of pick of the week. Do you guys actually like them? I hope so.
I am looking for a chiffon skirt and what better than a vintage one. But i am wondering about maube buying a coloured one instead, i wear too many dark clothes sometimes. I have seen a pretty powder pink one somewhere.. These shoes are gorgeous, but they just so happen to be Gucci and £90. As much as i love them they are a bit too far out of my budget so they will just have to go on the lusting pile. Finally the dress is from Yayer. I wish spring/summer would come faster so i can wear amazing dresses like this easier. Think i will buy it a store it away for warmer weather.


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous, shame about the price tag though! xo

  2. i do love those shoes but they are so goddamn expensive! sadface. ♥ elle
    elle & the fashion folk

  3. i was debating whether or not to get this dress off yayar this morn!! :) x

  4. That skirt is lovely, I seem to have some kind of obession with chiffon! lol



  5. I love that skirt, I'm loving all the pleats that are around at the moment x

  6. wow those shoes are amazing! i think i'd be ridiculously tempted if they were a size smaller xo



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