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Sunday, 16 January 2011


nice one evie.



Just have a couple of images today. I absolutely love weheartit. I have had one of those perfect weekends. I worked Friday till half 9 then walked up to my friends to join the house party. Have not let myself go in a while because of exams so it was a relief to have no deadlines for a while. I then spent Saturday evening, night and Sunday with my boy. And once he had gone i have cleared through most of my wardrobe. Its very satisfying. How was everyone elses weekend?


  1. I love weheartit too... I'm always on there :)
    That sounds like a perfect weekend to be honest... I've been cooped up indoors working :(... You going to that HX1: Indie night on 5th Feb in Halifax? x

  2. that sounds FAR more productive than my own weekend! <3

  3. I think if I whack you on the guestlist, you wont get ID'd.. My friend's the organiser of it and I'm the promoter now :) x

  4. sounds like a pretty good weekend! and i love all those images you've put up. wehearit is such a good website i always find myself trailing through it for hours! x

  5. you know what I think the problem with weheartit is? that people credit we heart it for the images, and not the photographers/artists behind them. That's a bit upsetting.

  6. Looks like an amazing weekend! Are the pictures yours? Their amazing!


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