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Saturday, 15 January 2011

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Ive made a couple of online purchases lately. I was tempted by the free postage at new look and have decided to keep two of the three things that i have bought! I bought an American Apparel voucher off Groupon on Gem's reccomendation, it caused such a kafuffle because we thought it had gone through, then it hadnt, now it has and we ended up ordering 3 (ooops!) So i had £50 to spend online, £50 to spend instore and £50 went to my sister. Been wanting the alphabet top for an age so im glad i had an 'excuse to buy it'. The socks are a little extra for my boyfriend :) The tunic is from topshop like i said i was going to buy. The others are from new look. The peter pan collar is too cute and very easy to wear. I was dissapointed with the blouse though cause the material is really clingy and just doesnt sit well.
Back in not shopping world i have been working, 3 shifts already, and although its hard work i am really enjoying it. I get to see my boy after a whole two weeks because of exams and so much else going on. And also i would just like to say hi to all my followers. 50, wow. Thank you!


  1. oh great buys, i love the peter pan dress! I have the alphabet t-shirt from AA but i got it in Rr obviously hahaha xx

  2. LOVE the peter pan collar dress, im craving it so much xx

  3. These are all lovely, I love the black dress :) xx

  4. haha i love that you ended up with 3 vouchers by mistake, that sounds exactly like the kind of thing i would do through desperation to get a good deal!
    I love the peter pan collar tunics, the brown spotty one is really nice x

  5. just started following your blog so i thought i'd say hello! particularly adore the white shirt - classic. lots of love ♥ elle x

  6. I've been wanting an alphabet tee for ages! I'll have to pop t Leeds sometime when I've saved up :) x


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