Wednesday, 9 February 2011

In a bid to get to know the bloggers i follow better i have done an interview with Bee from Vivatramp. I have followed her for a while now and i love her writing style and what she posts about. I can relate to quite alot of what she posts about, and the knew 'What if..' posts she has just started writing have already got me daydreaming! And for the interview:

What/who inspired you to start a blog?
I've always had an interest in writing and the release it can give people. This inspired me to start my own blog and engage people with my own writing. I didn't really know anyone with a blog prior to starting one so it's amazing to think of the amount of friends I've made due to it!

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?
Work out your niché. Do you want it to be a food blog? A fashion blog? A lifestyle blog? Ensure that you write features relevant to you, your passions in life and your blog. Don't feel you have to be part of the crowd. After all, it's your individuality that'll set you apart from thousands of bloggers. There's also a really handy guide at Michelle's gorgeous blog:

Do you think it was important for you to gain followers?
For me, it's not really a popularity contest. I'm still as happy blogging as I was when I had about 10 followers. However, this is not to say that I don't value each and every single one of my readers. Their interest means the world to me and it's so rewarding to see the blog growing. It's really quite overwhelming. Basically, don't make blogging about followers...make it for you. I think once you lose that personal element you lose part of your spark.

I love all your posts but my favourite is H is for Happy. Which is your favourite to write?
I'm glad you like 'H is for Happy'. I think it might be my favourite to put together too! I think it's because it makes me feel good to be thinking about the simple things in life that make me smile. It's also nice to receive good feedback from people saying that it's cheered up their day. Although, my new post 'What If...' is also a lot of fun to write too! I hope people like it!

Whose is your favourite blog to read? And why?
Oh god, that's like picking your favourite child! It's impossible :/ Oww, this is horrendous to answer because I've made soooo many friends and I find so many blogs inspirational  :| Okay, I'm going to go with the lovely Lyzi's blog over at I love it's eclecticism. I'm also madly in love with Lyzi - not in a gay way. I definitely advise you head on over there now!

Even though fashion isn’t your main blog focus, if you could only have one type of piece of clothing forever, what would it be? And why?
Oh god :/ I'm gunna go with a cape. A sparkly gold cape. I think it's one of those items of clothing that you'd treasure forever and it'd set you apart from the crowd. It'd also make you look like a superhero and that's a brilliant look. If I was going to pick my favourite piece that I own...I'd have to say it's probably my bright red coat. I'm visible for miles in it and this makes me feel safe. Ha!

What’s your favourite high street store to buy from?
I don't really buy a lot of things and when I do it's usually online :S However, I loooove browsing Accessorize for all their gorgeous accessories. I think you can get some really high end looking pieces for a small price. I'm one for cheap and cheerful fashion so any high street stores like: Topshop, River Island, H & M, New Look and Primark take my fancy.

How long do you think you will continue your blog for?
I will stick with it for as long as it makes me happy and feels right! Vivatramp has become my baby. I want to be here to see it grow up!

I think you would be crazy not to check out this blog! 

ps: i may have a giveaway lined up for when i hit 100 followers. i found the cutest little bag!


  1. Such a lovely interview! I really enjoyed reading this x

  2. The interview was a nice idea :)


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