Spots and stripes

Saturday, 12 February 2011

All items from Topshop

Spring/summer is nearing and all i want to do is buy shorts, skirts and pretty tops. But the weather outside (although today is gorgeous) really isnt looking very spring like. I just cant justify buying summer clothes yet. So for now i will just lust after things.
By the time summer comes i know i will have bought a blue and white striped top. I love this one without sleeves, tucked into a cute little pair of shorts. I also seem to be embracing polka dots. I think these high waisted shorts are too good to pass on. I may buy some in a plain navy blue too.

On another note my mum has agreed to let me have a tattoo! Cant wait to get it done asap.


  1. Love all those clothes, I really want the shorts! Its definatly feeling a little like spring today but it's meant to rain later on :/ SO lucky your getting a tattoo. Keep me updated on what you get i love tattoos hahaha xx

  2. I live in New Zealand so we're in summer at the moment but it has been so so hot that I'm the opposite of you and thinking about winter now and looking forward to warmer clothing. It's so hot here you can't escape it.. which was nice when I was on holiday and could go to the beach but now I'm back at work I'm ready for it to cool down a bit!

  3. Love spots & stripes, more so stripes.
    Great blog, now following x

  4. I have a little thing for stripes at the moment too... Topshop is like heaven for me.... eeee, Thanks for the lovely comment, you put a smile on my face :D Panda xo

  5. I want all of those items. Can't wait to purchase some new items for my Spring/Summer wardrobe!


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