Thursday, 19 May 2011


olivia (by jesuismayaa)

Check out my tumblr. I really love being on there now and the pictures i find are amazing! Let me know if you have tumblr too :)
I dont want to jinx anything but i think my first exam went really well. I came out really positive which i suppose is a good thing. Only 5 more to go now before i have a little break, then straight back into work. But right now i am happy and things are all good.
Bought a couple of things today which i will post about next time, and hopefully a parcel should be on its way.


  1. I love the pictures you find on tumblr, I've just followed you my link is,
    Aww I'm glad your first exam went well, good luck with your others.
    This is my new blog link.

  2. Oh the link doesn't work, my bad. It's now :)

  3. I am following you :):) xx

  4. Amazing photos :). btw, you have a great sense of style.x


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