Collars and funny faces

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

This is what i wore today, with more layers of course. I love the collar on this shirt and cant wait to wear it under my new knitted jumper with just the collar poking out. I cant take outfit photos outside anymore really because by the time i get home its too dark! So this cream wall in my living room will have to do.
I am actually looking forward to this colder weather, the chance to layer up tops jumpers and coats, and drink lots of hot chocolate. I will get some photos of my new winter coat for you soon. Also think of doing a post on my expanding collection of nail varnishes. Probably need to sort them out to be honest!



  1. Such a cute shirt! I'm looking forward to layering too, Autumn is my favourite x

  2. That's such a lovely shirt and the shorts are a great colour too :) x

  3. You have a lovely blog! This is wonderful outfit, those shorts are perfect for Autumn.

  4. Love the cute collar on this x

  5. Lovely outfit! Those jeans are brilliant


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