Goodbye 2011.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Havent posted in a few week, LOADS to catch up on! I've had an amazing christmas and new year with all my family and friends. I got some lovely presents from everyone and have loads to spend in the shops over the next few months.

Xmas eve meal 

Family photo on xmas day 

Our walk we do every xmas, minus the snow this year

The oldest and the youngest

Four photos from the christmas period. We always have all the my dads side of the family round to ours on xmas day. They come all the way from london and new york so i hardly get to see them :( And then a few days later we go over to my aunties and have what is essentially a second christmas with my mums side of the family. More presents and enough food to feed an army!
For NYE i had a party at my house. My friend took all the photos so i dont actually have any yet. But i had such a great time, really enjoyed the night and great to see it through with all my friends. Did leave me feeling a bit worse for wear the next morning though.

Last year for me had its ups and its downs:

I got my tattoo, an infinity symbol on my hip, back in february.

 Played a great season of cricket, which i bet many of you dont know i did.

Spent easter in norfolk visiting family down there.

 Spent a wonderful few weeks in the Isles of Scilly with my family and my grandad, these are just a few photos.

I managed to get all As in my as-levels, but now that i have got an offer from manchester (and hopefully others soon) i need to get all As in my a-levels too. So im going to have to work really hard during my exams.

As for this year i hope to: 

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday, and all the best for 2012.



  1. You have such a beautiful family. These photos are wonderful.

  2. Looks like it was a great year!
    good luck for 2012 with your resolutions!


  3. lovely post, your family looks so lovely.
    Glad you've had a great year and I still love your tattoo! I badly want one.
    How did you get it without being 18??
    happy new year xxx

  4. fab post!! I'm desperate for a tattoo, i gave my friend one for the first time today!! xxx

  5. Aw your christmas looks so wonderful! Beautiful photos, and good luck for all of your goals :) xxx

  6. Awww belated New Year wishes sweetie!! such good goals, I am sure you will achieve them, but good luck anyway :) xxx


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