S/S dresses

Friday, 17 February 2012


I was looking through asos a few days ago and bookmarked some lovely spring/summer dresses. I dont have enough of dresses like these in my wardrobe so will probably buy something like this soon. Definitely shop around a bit first though because i have seen some posts on other blogs about some nice items in places like boohoo and topshop. 
I think my favourite is the blue one, blue is definitely a colour that suits me and its veering towards the pastel shades i am looking forward too this season. The second dress has a really cool back on it which make me want it just to try it on! What dresses have caught your eye? 



  1. These dresses are so pretty! Especially the third one xx

  2. All of the dresses are gorgeous; my heart belongs to the colour and style of the first <3

  3. Ooh that blue dress is so pretty, I've deffinately gota stock up on some pretty frocks like these for the summer! x


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