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Thursday, 1 March 2012

These are 4 shots are some of the clothes new in at Yayer. I love this store so much and have a few pieces from there. Each item chosen fits on their site so well, and i want to buy all of it. Thinking of maybe going for a floral jumpsuit if im feeling brave enough. The only negative i have is that postage is £3+, and because many of the items are unique they might not fit quite right and then you have to pay for the returns back. Im gonna try get some photos of the shorts i bought from them last week soon.

Whats happening in march:
I get the results for my january exams
My brother turns 13 and my sister turns 16
I have deadlines for two major projects
A few nights out are planned
Visiting Manchester uni to look at accommodation
My sister and i have a little venture (more to be revealed later)
Trying to fill my wardrobe with s/s clothes

I have a lot to look forward to this month, but also a lot of hard work. I will have all my coursework and projects out the way by the end of march, then its just down to my final exams. Cant believe how little time i have left in college. Hope everyone is enjoying the nicer weather.



  1. I love these clothes! I'm definitely looking to grow my wardrobe this spring too. Sounds like you'll be busy.

  2. You've got a busy time coming up but some of it sounds like a lot of fun :) The warmer weather is grand! It's nice to be out of several bulky layers of clothing :P
    R xx

  3. Great choices!
    Hope your exam results are what you're hoping for :) x

  4. Yayer has super cool clothes :) Hope the exam results were good, looks like a fun month planned x

  5. I love the outfit in the bottom row! they are gorgeous ! I get my results next week :s so nervous but hopefully i did ok!! Good luck xx

  6. Lovely photos! Please check my blog -
    I am new :)

  7. I'm in love with these outfits! I'm definitely following your blog and then checking out this store!
    I get my exam results this week - so nervous! Good luck with yours! <3

    Ellen xx


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