My week

Sunday, 20 May 2012

1. This is a picture from earlier this week. Im currently having a bit of a blogging hiatus, got exams to revise for and have generally been pretty busy. But i will try get some posts in when i can because i hate being away for too long!

2. This week i have: taken an exam, worked lots of shifts, done my weekly volunteering at the hospital, been to zumba, finished college FOREVER and watched cricket. I am now on study leave and only have to go into college for my exams. Its pretty surreal that my two years at college are over!

3. I painted my nails today following Erins latest nail art post and they have turned out surprisingly well. I will get a post up about them soon, there is a picture over on twitter though.

4. On wednesday i have one exam, then quite a gap till my next ones so i have plenty of time to revise. But i am more excited about Bloggers Boutique on saturday! I am getting the train down with my boyfriend the day before so that we can make a bit of trip of it. I still havent decided what to wear! Anyone else going know what they are wearing? Cant wait to put faces to blogs that i have been following for a while.

Hope everyone has had a good week.


  1. I wish you the best of luck in your exams, I know how you feel, regarding them. i'm coming up to my final A-level exams.

    Jess x

  2. Good luck with all your exams - my school sucks and we don't have study leave. We drop the subjects after we've taken the exam :(
    Focus on revision at the moment, your followers are still going to be here even if you don't post for a little while

  3. Sounds like a pretty busy week! And good luck with your exams! :)


I love to know what people think of my posts and will try and check out your blog and reply. So thank you for the comments! :)