Colourful collection

Friday, 29 June 2012

Im on a blogging roll! Third post in 3 days. Off to watch a 20:20 cricket match after this and have a meal with the family so it will be a good evening.

One thing i really love doing are my nails. And i can't seem to help but buy more and more polishes! My latest couple are 'Mint Candy Apple' from essie and 'Sparkle Touch' from miss sporty. Ive been looking to buy an essie polish for a while, but they are quite highly priced, but after seeing this one everywhere i couldnt leave it on the shelf. I have managed to fit all my polishes onto two colour wheels (except my cracking and magnetic polishes). I have numbered them so if you want to know what a particular colour is just ask below. Some of them havent come out great in the light though, especially the darker ones.
The last photo has some of the nail designs i have done on it. Some of them are quite simple, using a hair pin as a dotting tool. And it is the first time i have tried out my matte finish polish and it was pretty amazing! Makes it seem like i now have a whole new set of polishes. The spiderman nail is another from Erins blog. She always has some of the most amazing nail art so definitely check her out.
I bought the colour wheels for just £1.50 off ebay here and think they are a great way to mess about with designs. It also means i can see all my colours at once when choosing what to paint my nails next. Hope you like this post :)



  1. You have some beautiful colours in your collection, i really need to get around to painting all of mine onto wheels like this. Whats number 17 on the top wheel?
    Your Spiderman nail looks fab by the way! xx

  2. i really like the aztec one!

  3. Very cool I love all the colors!! Can't wait to see more!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  4. It's great idea! I'm gonna to do that!

  5. omg, all these colours are beautiful! i am equally obsessed with buying polish, my collection is getting ridiculous!

    love your blog, definitely following :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  6. Love these colours, really need to get myself some wheels x

  7. the colors are super amazing :)

  8. Love these colours and designs! Nail wheels look so cool for trying out new ideas! <3

    Ellen xx

  9. I want your nail polish collection! Mine is looking extremely pathetic! Love the nail art, looks amazing. Great blog, i cant wait to see more!


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